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Hi. Welcome to Fresshhh by SoapLab Malaysia
Fresshhh in a membership program by SoapLab Malaysia where the members will be able to get Freshly made personal care and household products delivered to them every week. 

Why Fresshhh?

When Nisha was working in the government hospital; she realized that the occurrence of skin problem was getting more and more. With healthier awareness, and better sanitization than 50 years ago; it just didn’t make sense why people were getting more ‘sick’. Turns out; its because of the products and food we are taking.

We wouldn’t want to go into food but if you look at any skincare/ even soap. It’s not just ‘soap’ inside. There is all these other things that’s added to make the soap more long lasting, preserervative, extra bubbles and so on.
All these ingredients are iritants. And so it ‘iritates’ the skin; causing more problem.

When we started SoapLab; we wanted you (who have the skin problem) to make your own simple product. But probably because of lack of time, and low confidence in making; you dont really make them.

Besides that; some of the recipes at SoapLab requires you to make a bigger batch and you are probably not sure how the product is going to be so you dont make it.

Due to that; we started Fresshhh.

With Fresshhh; we will choose one product every week; and will be making it freshly in big batch so that all the members are able to try the recipe out. If lets say you love the product; we will provide you the recipe and ingredient listing so that you are able to make it more in the future. We wont be making the same product again. So every week its a new product.

What Kind Of Products?

Soaps, Shampoo, Moisturisers, scrubs, Mask, conditioner, Toothpaste, Detergent and many more personal care and household product.

Who Is It For?.

The product made will be suitable for sensitive skin. Especially those with dry, and problematic skin.

Who Is The Formulator?

The products made are all formulated by SoapLab’s Co-Founder; Nisha; a pharmacist who has more than 12 years working experience in skin related problems. 

Who Should Not Be A Member Of Fresshhh

Those with normal skin. The products we will be making is mild therefore it wont be suitable for normal skin.

How To Become A Member?

Click here to sign up as member

This Week In Fresshhh.

This week’s product for Fresshhh member is a Sea Weed Shampoo thats made to promote hair growth. 

Sea weed is known to have a lot of minerals like vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, iron, and iodine.
With this abundance of mineral; its mostly use in scalp care for moisturizing, and restoring hair’s natural sheen 

Studies on people with alopecia (baldness) shows that using seaweed on hair helps in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth over a period of time. It’s comparable with medications that’s available in the market currently. 

Also added into this shampoo is argan oil, that also helps to promote hair growth. Here is an article we wrote about argan oil before

This shampoo is a mild cleansing shampoo made using seaweed extract. 

Shampoo’s Ingredient is: 

Water, Decyl glucoside (naturally derived from coconut), cocoamidopropyl betaine (naturally derived from coconut), argan oil, Seaweed Extract, Aloe Vera extract, glycerin (vegetarian), German Plus (Paraben Free preservative), Scent (phthalate free), mica (natural mineral color)

Click Here to view recipe on how to make on your own (DIY)

How to use?

Lather on scalp. Leave it for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Use conditioner or rinse with apple cider vinegar after shampoo. 

Best For People With:

  1. People with a lot of hair fall
  2. People who are experiencing thinning of hair
  3. All kind of scalp but its the most suitable for normal top dry hair
  4. People who needs to wash hair daily (this shampoo is mild enough for daily wash)
  5. People with sensitive scalp. also suitable for those with known skin problems like eczema and psoriasis
  6. Suitable for babies and pregnant women. (not tear free)

Who is it not for

  1. Those who wants hair growth fast (for that take prescription medication like minoxidil and finasteride)
  2. Those who needs deep shampoo cleansing (this shampoo is formulated for mild cleansing)
  3. Those allergic to any known natural ingredients
  4. Wants a product that is tear free (we do not add any numbing agents in)


Ordering Date: Wednesday (20/11/2019)- Friday (22/11/2019)
Production Date: Monday (25/11/2019)
Delivery Date: Tuesday (26/11/2019)-Wednesday (27/11/2019)


use within 3 months from opening since we are making it Fresh

For Sabah & Sarawak:

For Singapore:


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