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To order, Simply place your order by either of the following:

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1) On this site (click here to order Online Now)

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To order Online: 

  1. Click on Order Here. Please wait while the page loads.

  1. Click on the category. For this tutorial we selected Kits for Beginner

  1. Click on the item you want to purchase

  1. Fill up or choose whatever required information. Click on check out if you want to check out or continue shopping if you want to continue shopping.

  1. Click on Check out

  1. Fill up your address and delivery method of your choice.

  1. Click on your payment method. Leave a note to us if you need any special requirement.

  1. Click on Place Order

  1. Done! Wait for our update:-)


  1. hi. i nak buat clear soap for kids. what would you suggest? is the glycerin base melt n pour soup ok? how much?

  2. Hi erine to make clear soap you can get the transparent ones. different soap bases have gt different benefit to different kind of skin. i suggest you take a look at the link here on when to use what:-)


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