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Breast Milk Soap Kit Malaysia (Instructions)

Hi Mommies!
I've had numerous requests from mommies asking me to teach them how to make breast milk soap. So many in fact that I’ve decided to create this tutorial. This tutorial basically covers the basic ways of making the soap. Hope you guys enjoy it:)
Before making breastmilk soap read this first! 

  • First of all, prepare all your ingredients. If you are getting the Soap Lab Breast Milk kit, everything is already provided for you. All you need is an egg beater, and some containers and bowls, digital scales, and of course your breast milk. Make sure your workspace is on an open area with no kids and pets running around. Put newspapers on your surface area incase of lye/ NaOH spill. It’s very corrosive! Also, WEAR GLOVES at all time! 

  • Measure your ingredients according to the attached recipe in the Kit

  • Measure your milk. For milks, it’s advisable to measure the milk, and freeze the milk. The reason is because when lye mixes with liquid, it becomes very very hot. At times it goes up to 100 degrees! So now; you don want to burn the milk, so freeze it, put it in an iced water bath, and pour the lye in slowly. If you have a thermometer; use it. Make sure the lye-milk solution doesn't go above 40 degrees.

  • Pour the lye-milk solution into the oil mixture measured earlier.
  • Mix it using an egg beater (it takes a long time before it reaches trace- pudding like consistency. so if you going to be a soaper after this, its advisable to get a hand blender)
  • After sometime your soap will reach 'trace' it looks like pudding. This means your oil and water has emulsified. You can now pour your soap into the mold provided.

  • Unmold after 24 hours (I prefer to unmold while its still slightly soft around 15 hours. easier to cut), Leave it for 3-4 weeks to harden, and Tada! Your soap is ready to be used! 

Breast Milk Soap Kit
Breast Milk Soap Kit

BreastMilk Soap Kit by Soap Lab:

RM 79 each ( can make two times; about 6-7 bars of soap each time)

To order:

Contact us here 

email: soaplabmalaysia@gmail.com
Thank you for reading Soap Lab Malaysia.
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  1. Hi, i already bought the soap base. However, i would like to make hamemade breastmilk soap using the soap base, how many ounce of milk that i need to add?

  2. Hi. Well for soap base since its ready made you can't really put in much BM or any other liquid. Maks would be about a tablespoon/kg or it might get soft:-(

  3. How much quantity for the eo and colour pigment for the price at RM 40?

  4. Hi dapne you will get 50ml eo and 10g color

  5. hye, utk soap kit ni, berapa banyak susu per oz yang diperlukan? ema 0136483362

  6. Hi ema.
    Perlukkan lebih kurang 200g susu/kit

  7. Hi..may I know what kind of soft oil included in this basic breast milk soap kit?

  8. hi the soft oils will be castor oil and olive oil

  9. Boleh ke gune elektrik hand mixer yg biase kite guna utk buat kek?jenis bekas@mangkuk apa yg sesuai,penimbang bukan digital boleh gne ke?tak sabar tggu kit sabun saya sampai.

  10. Hi zetty boleh:-)
    Penimbang mesti digital. Bekas boleh guna apa-apa kecuali alluminium based:-)


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