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What is vanilla white Stabilizer and how to use it?

Vanilla fragrance or any fragrance that contained vanilla in it will turn the soap brown. Despite putting as much color as you would want, the color will still turn brown. If you like the color that's fine but if you don't, use vanilla white Stabilizer.

It's most suitable for melt and pour soaps  where your soap will actually turn white. For cold process soap, it turns slightly creamy, ivory color. Also the color will turn back to brownish after 6-12 months. 

So whenever you are using fragrance with vanilla in it, remember to use Vanilla White Stabilizer.

How to use it:
Use in ratio of 1:1. It means use as much as your fragrance oil. 

Which scents contains vanilla;
All the scents that smells buttery, cake or milky contains vanilla in it. Some has very little content therefore the color is almost negligible, while some are darker due to higher vanilla content. It's advicable to try them out in smaller batches first before commiting to large batches. 

Bahasa Malaysia
Fragrance yang mempunyai vanilla di dalamnya selalu menyebabkan sabun menjadi perang. Tak kira la kalau nak letak berapa banyak warna pun, last last ia akan jadi gelak juga kalau tak menggunakan vanilla white Stabilizer. Jadi kalau nak sabun yang berwarna putih dan cerah, gunakan vanilla white stabilizer. 
Secara unumnya ia lebih sesuai digunakkan di dalam sabun melt and pour. Namun ia boleh juga digunakkan di dalam sabun yang dibuat menggunakan process cold process. Walaubagaimanapun, ia tidak akan menjaddikan sabun seputih melt and pour, dan akan selalunya kembali menjadi perang selepas 6-8 bulan. 

Cara menggunakan:
Ratio 1:1. Gunakkan amount yang sama seperti fragrance. 

Fragrance mana mempunyai vanilla?
Kebanyakkan fragrance yang berbau seperti kek, butter dan susu mempunyai vanilla. Ada sesetengah mempunyai banyak content vanilla =perang, ada juga yang sedikit= tiada perubahan. Adalah disyorkan agar anda test dahulu sebelum membuat quantity yang besar.

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