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How To Make Handmade Liquid Soap

This tutorial is for those who wants to make liquid soap using the Soap Lab Soap paste available in Here.
Tutorial ini adalah untuk menunjukkan cara-cara menggunakan Soap Lab liquid Paste; Liquid Soap yang boleh didapati di sini.

In this tutorial, you will need:
Untuk tutorial ini anda memerlukan:

1) Ready Made Soap Lab Soap Paste
2) Distilled Water / RO Water (Air Mineral)
3) Salt Solution 20% (Air Garam)
4) Fragrance/Essential Oil of Choice
5) Color Pigment (diluted with glycerin)
6) Container (Bekas)

Start by Diluting the paste with distilled water. The dilution rate is 1:3 up to 1:6. Its suggested to use the dilution rate 1:3 then slowly increase as required because once the soap becomes watery its a tougher to thicken it. To calculate: 100g Soap Paste, dilute into 300g distilled water. 
Cairkan paste dengan menggunakan dilution 1:3. (100g Paste ke 300g Air)

Leave the paste to dilute for 12-24 hours. If you see there are still undiluted paste (floating above), add another 50-100g water and leave for half a day. Biarkan Selama 12-24 Jam.
Jika ada paste yang mash terapung, masukkan 50-100g air dan biarakan selama setengah hari. 

Once diluted, take a small amount of diluted soap and test your fragrance out by putting the amount desired into diluted soap and wait for 24 hours. 
Sesudah cair, ambil sedikit cecair sabun ini untuk membuat test. And a perlu membuat test ini sebum menggunakan mana mana fragrance/ essential oil. Masukkan EO/FO and a dan tunggu selama 24 jam untuk melihat effect  EO/FO ini terhadap kepekatan sabun.

After 24 hours, look at the consistency, are you happy with it? If you are not, you can add salt solution 20 % ( Dilute 20g regular salt into 80ml Distilled water). Pour very little salt solution into soap solution (you probably need about 4 grams of salt solution in 100g soap solution only). Don't put too much or your soap will be cloudy and will turn watery again and this time it can't be used anymore. (Remember that handmade soap doesn't have the normal commercial soap thickness!) Selepas 24 jam jika sabun mash velum pekat, and a bole memasukkan air garam sedikit demi sedikit sehingga mendapat kepekatan yang diingini. Jangan letak terlalu banyak air garam kerana ini boles menyebabkan sabun menjadi sang at fair dan tidak boleh digunakkan lagi. (and a hanya perlu lebih kurang 4g air garam untuk 100g sabun sahaja)

Once satisfied, you can make using the same calculation for the larger batch. 
Jika anda suka kepekatannya, anda boleh mengulangi process ini untuk air sabun yang lain.

Please view this video to get the idea on how to dilute and thicken the soap. 
Sila melihat video ini untuk mengetahui bagaimana untuk memekatkan air sabun.

This is a soap thats already thicken with desired fragrance oil and salt solution:

Add colour pigment of your choice. 
Tambah pewarna kegemaran

Pour into bottle. 
Masukkan kedalam botol

Leave bottle open for a while to remove bubbles. 
Biarkan botol terbuka  sementara buih keluar.

Download and print downloadable label available here. Its complimentary by Soap Lab. 
Dowload dan print label free anda di sini.

Stick label and leave soap for a week. After a week soap will get thicker and you can use it! 
Tampal label dan biarkan selama 1 minggu supaya sabun makin memekat. 

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  1. hi nisha
    quick question...can i use betaine to thicken my soap? does this harmful to skin?

    thank you.

  2. Hi Shidah yes you can. however I'm not too sure if betaine is suitable in high alkaline pH such as our liq soap. I know it works really well in normal pH and for those liq soap containing SLS etc. handmade not too sure. Sorry can't help you much there:-( however, if you do use betaine make sure you use the one which is naturally derived or else it kind of defeats the purpose to make natural soap right:-)

  3. Hi boss, blh tak kalu guna Castile paste untuk buat face cleanser?? Tq.

  4. Hi Elin. Boleh guna utk face cleanser tapi pastikan tak masuk mata ya. Sabin ni macam ala-ala saben lama. semua pedih mata:-)

  5. How to keep the extra liquid castile soap i have diluted? I have accidentally diluted too much...please advise.

  6. Hi angie if you had diluted all, try to use it within 6 months. Im afraid once diluted the only wy is to either use it up, or u hv to put preservtives unless the ph is above 8 thn its ok for u to use them longer thn 6 months

  7. Hi, after diluted my paste, my liquid soap pH is still high around 9. Are there safe to use? What preservative should I use for that pH

  8. Hi andre. As long as its ph 9 and below u can use it. Anything above ph 8 doesnt really require presrrvatives. U can check oit our preservative post to find out more about this:)


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