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Can I Use Castile Soap Paste as Shampoo?

Last week, we introduced our handmade castile paste in soap lab when i started getting enquiries on wether castile soap can be used to make shampoo.

Theoretically speaking: its suppose to be an awesome product for everything: bath, face, hair, laundry etc. However, after testing it out on our own hair, we realised that it causes lots of static hair, and hair was frizzy like crazy. It made sense and if you haven't read about our blogpost on why cold process soap can't be used as shampoo; Click here

Meanwhile, for those who really really really wanting to do handmade shampoo, this is an alternative:

  1. Dilute the paste to liquid level (Click here to find out how), then further dilute it to 1:4 ratio. Make sure its really really diluted before you put it on your hair. (use distilled water)
  2. Add milk (double the amount of the liquid shampoo). We love adding coconut milk as its awesome and very nourishing. Plus if you follow traditional Ayurvedic followings, coconut oil is suppose to prevent hair fall and give you those thick hair everyone is fantasising about! (make sure you only put the milk on the day you gonna use the shampoo or it will go rancid without preservatives)
  3. Add oils (1/2 the amount of liquid soap). Same as milk this is also awesome! i tried with Argon oil. Oh my my!
  4. Rinse your hair with vinegar (white or apple cider vinegar) after shampooing. Make it like conditioner. 
  5. Rinse your hair with citrus juice (same usage as vinegar above) -Orange or lemon. But be careful because this can cause your hair colour to change at times especially if you dyed your hair.

There you are.. Hope this post helps you slightly before formulating your own handmade shampoo:-)
if you have not read on our tutorial on how to make liquid soap using this paste, click here.

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  1. hi, how do you combine milk and oils to the liquid castile soap? stirring? or any method required?

  2. Hello, i would like to ask is there any harsh imgredients in your castile soap ?

  3. hi Alethea.
    no its made purely frm olive oil and saponification agent (KOH), water and glycerin


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