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Good Manufacturing Practice for Handmade Cosmetics

Here is something to keep in mind when making handmade cosmetics or soap. You can never be as sterile as clean room but we can always try our best.
Ini adalah beberapa langkah yang anda perlu ikut sebelum memulakan proses membuat kosmetik dari rumah.

When making handmade cosmetics, make sure that everything is sterile. The easiest way to sterilise equipments is to sterilise them using boiling water just like how we sterilise baby bottles. I have a better way where those heat resistant containers, plastic or ceramic i usually put it in a bowl of water, cover it up, in the microwave for 2-3 mins (depending on ur microwave). This is to ensure all the bacteria is killed.
Apabila membuat kosmetik, pastikan semua barang yang digunnakan adalah steril. Cara paling cepat adalah memasukkan kedalam air yang mendidih seperti mensteril botol susu bayi. 

Another way to sterilise is by using alcohol spray. Unfortunately I'm not in favour of this as i really don't like the smell of alcohol in my products. besides since i supply ingredients, its scary to keep alcohol coz its flammable so i stick to sterilising it using boiling water. Plus it will reach the parts where we can't reach if the equipments are small. If you really want to use alcohol you can always get those alcohol pads from any pharmacies. (ask for alcohol pads for diabetic patients).
Satu lagi langkah yang selalu digunnakan adalah mengunakan alkohol. namun demikian saya tidak begitu gemar dengan cara ini kerana saya mempunyai alahan terhadap bau alkohol yang kuat. Juka anda ingin menggunakan alkohol, cara paling senang adalah dengan mendapatkan pad alkohol daripada farmasi. (mintak alcohol pad untuk pesakit diabetis).

When using water in handmade cosmetics, always use distilled water. Distilled water is a processed such that it has no impurities and heavy metal. Distilled water in malaysia you can get from any petrol station selling battery water (yes battery water is distilled water), or Spritzer (blue) whack you can purchase in 9.5L tong from hypermarkets.
Apabila menggunakan air didalam kosmetik, pastikan anda selalu menggunakan distilled water. Di malaysia anda boleh mendapatkan air ini di stesen minyak (air bateri), ataupun daripada hypermarket seperti tesco, giant, mydin : Spritzer berwarna biru.

For containers you don't have to worry about sterilising it if you are getting from reputable supplier. However, do not reuse your containers. You can never clean it properly plus the rancidity of oil from previous product will effect your new product as well.
Untuk bekas, anda tidak perlu risau jika anda membeli daripada supplier yang ok. jangan menggunakan bekas dari produk lama kerana ini akan menyebabkan bau minyak busuk. tidak kira bagaimana anda membersihkan bekas tersebut, anda tidak akan dapat mensterilkannya seperti baru. Oleh itu jangan menggunakananya.

When you are choosing your containers make sure its appropriate for fragrance or essential oil in your product. some containers absorbs these oils while others might not be able to handle these oils.
Since we are in the topic of fragrance and essential oil, make sure you only purchase oils that are SAFE to be used on SKIN! Candle making fragrance oil and essential oil are abundant in the market but do not use these oils on skin. Even though its essential oil and "natural', its extraction process is different so it may not be safe. Check with your supplier before purchasing.
Apabila menggunakan bekas, pastikan bekas tersebut adalah sesuai untuk fragrance atau essential oil. ini adalah kerana sesetangah bekas akan menyerap fragrance dan essential ini. Apabila menggunakan fragrance dan essential, pastikan anda mendapatkan fragrance/essential yang sesuai untuk kulit. Kebanyakkan fragrance dan essential yang ada di pasaran telah diproses untuk digunakkan untuk membuat lilin dan ini kurang sesuai untuk digunnakan keatas kulit. Pastikan dengan supplier sebelum membeli.

Now remember, always sterilise your materials and equipment before making handmade cosmetics.
Take care..
So kesimpulannya, pastikan anda mensterilkan bahan dan perkakas sebelum membuat kosmetik di rumah. 


  1. Hi, after boiling/sterilising the bottles, do I just let it air dry or is there other better/faster way to do it? TQ~

    1. for new bottles you dont have to sterilise. only used bottles for tht its better to either air dry or spray with alcohol for better sterilisation.


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