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How to Make: Basic handmade Lotion (Jojoba Oil & Shea Butter)

Hi all. tutorial today is to make basic handmade lotion. In previous post we have explained the difference between Lotion, Cream and Body butter, which you can read here, and Good manufacturing practice which you can read here. Make sure your read these post before you continue with this post to make sure you fully understand what we are talking about.

Hi semua, tutorial pada hari ini adalah untuk membuat basic handmade lotion. Ini yang paling basic. Sebelum anda bermula, pastikan anda membaca artikel kami yang sebelum ini untuk Good manufacturing practice di sini, dan perbezaan lotion, krim dan body butter.


Oil Phase (Phase Minyak)

  1. 25g African Shea Butter (unrefined)
  2. 75g Jejoba Oil
  3. 25g Emulsifying Wax
  4. 15g Stearic Acid
Water Phase (Phase air)
  1. 350g Distilled Water
After heating Phase (Bahan bahan selepas sejuk)
  1. 5g DMDM Hydantoin (preservative. click here on why we must add this)
  2. 15g IPM (optional. if you want silky feeling add this)
  3. 10-15g Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil (we are using baby graceful)
  4. Color (here we are using bubblegum yellow and bubblegum blue)
*This tutorial makes about 500g of lotion (3 containers as below)

  1. Make sure you follow good manufacturing advice as here. pastikan anda mengikut Good manufacturing practice seperti disini.
  2. Prepare all ingredients. Sediakan bahan bahan
  3. Mix the oil phase ingredient in one container, and the water phase in another container. Masukkan phase air kedalam satu bekas, dan phase minyak di dalam bekas lain.

  4. Heat these two containers. Im using microwave. you can always use double boiler. Make sure the temperature is similar for both or these two phases won't mix! Panaskan kedua-dua phase ini. says lebih suka memasukkan kedalam microwave. jika tiada anda boleh memanaskan menggunakan double boiler. jangan panaskan direct diatas api.

  5. pour the water phase into oil phase. Masukkan phase air kedalam phase minyak.

  6. Mix using mixer. If you are doing in big batch use a hand blender. stop when its mixed and let it cool. Mix menggunakan mixer. Jika anda membuat batch yang besar gunakkan hand blender. biarkan ia menyejuk ke suhu bilk.

  7. While waiting, prepare your label. You can print your free printable label by soaplab here. Sementara menunggu sediakan label. Anda boleh mendapatkan label free disini dari soaplab malaysia.

  8. i like to put in the fridge for faster cooling. This is how it looks like after 30 mins. It looks like cream but don't worry, after adding the other ingredients it will become slightly liquid

  9. add all the other ingredients Selalunya says memasukkannya ke dalam fridge sebab nak sejuk cepat. Selepas 30mins keluarkan dan masukkan barang lain.

  10. Add colour. i wanted it to look mint green as I'm making this lotion for my 8 month old baby. you can put whatever colour you like. Masukkan warna. 

  11. Mix. Your lotion is ready. Mix dan lotion anda sudah siap!

  12. To pack, i usually put lotion into a plastic bag (make sure its clean) and cut the edge (will look like piping bag) and pour into container. Its easier and cleaner

  13. See how clean it is.

  14. Label. and done! *im sorry the label spelling is wrong its suppose to be jojoba oil:-(

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  1. Hi SLM,

    Saya sangat teruja dengan blog anda ni, susah nak cari blog macam ni dalam Bahasa Malaysia. So i bookmark your blog.

    Saya ada beberapa soalan:

    1. Kenapa dalam resepi basic lotions ni pakai unit Gram, bukan unit Mililiter?

    2. Kalau saya tukar shea butter kepada minyak (cth: olive oil), masih gunakan jumlah yang sama ke?

    3. You ada fizikal shops tak? Senang nak window shopping sana.

    4. Saya request untuk resepi pomades boleh? Oil-base and water-base.

    Thank you so much and keep it up SLM.

  2. Hi tq:-)
    1) masa buat semua skincare u mesti guna dalam g. Tak kisahla minyak ke cream ke semuanya perlu dalam g. I akan tulis post mengenai ini selepas ini.
    2) ya
    3) kita takde kedai walk in hanya self pick up point sahaja di subang.
    4) mmg nak buat hehe

  3. Hye SLM...

    Saya ada soalan..

    1. Berapa temperature yg sesuai sebelum dicampurkan oil phase and water phase?

    2. Bolehkah tambah vitamin c and vitamin e selepas heating phase?

  4. Hi mohd falihin
    1) lebih kurang 70 degrees
    2) mmg kena tambah masa cooling down phase:-)

  5. hye SLM.

    I have some questions

    1. If I put DMDM hydantoin, how long the shelf life of my lotion?

    2. Some said that DMDM hydantoin is bad for skin,is it true?

    3. if I made lotion without distilled water,did i need to put DMDM hydantoin also to make shelf life longer?if need,may I know how much to put?

  6. Hi mohd falihin.
    1) it depends on ur cleanliness when making. If follow proper cleanliness the expiry will be the expiry of ur ingredients (the fastest) like if you use something that will expire in a yr thn it will b one yr. but to be safe, i would suggest to use it within 6 months once open.
    2) DMDM is a formaldehyde releaser. Its not as controversial as parabens but some still dont like it. I usually use dmdm on body products and optiphen plus (this is a more preferable, closest to 'natural' and quite safe preservative)on face products
    3) if you do not have any water component in ur body product you dont have to add preservatives. But if it is gona touch water and there is chances of water being on it for extended time than yes you must add preservatives

  7. Dear Soaplab,
    I'm very interested on your blog. But I don't prefer jojoba oil, can I use Pure Coconut oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil or Apricot Kernel Oil? I prefer an oil that has plenty benefits to skin, doesn't clog pores, color doesn't stain skin and light consistency on skin. As I only interested on these 4 types oil, can you please explain more of their individual benefits. Pure Coconut Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil both are refined. Will they lose their original benefits just like refined Shea Butter? Thanks.

    1. Hi each oils have pros and cons. You can view the details about each in the Shop here section. and no jojoba doesnt clog. infact its the only oil besides squalene that is almost the same as sebum from our skin. in cosmetic although a lot of blog says 'unrefined' is better but if you are making to sell the refined is better because its cleaner, its more predictable and it doenst smell or spoilt as easily as unrefined:-)


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