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Essential oil or carrier oil?

Let me ask you something.
A lot people has this perception that essential oil solves all your prob. I don't know about other problem in life but if lets say we were making cosmetics, for problematic skin, do you think it makes a difference? Especially if you gonna put few drops? No it won't. Think about it this way logically:
1) mineral oil as base, and 2% essential oil- is this better? Or
2) a lot of luxury oil such as jojoba oil argan oil, and shea butter with 2% fragrance oil.

Which do you think it's better for problematic skin? You do the math:)

Conclusion is learn the base oil and how to use all the benefit it gives. You will be shocked as to how potent they are on its own :)

Hope you have a great day:) 
Wait up for our upcoming tutorial on yogurt soap:) 

Ramai rasa yang dengan menggunakan essential oil ia akan menyelesaikan Semua masalah. Namun demikian anda hanya menggunakannya sebanyak 2% di dalam produk anda. Adakah is benar benar membantu? Cuba anda melihat scenario Ini:
1) menggunakan mineral oil dengan essential oil yang banyak
2) menggunakan minyak luxury seperti jojoba oil, argan oil dan Shea butter tetapi menggunakan pewangi.

Yang mana anda rasa akan membantu masalah kulit?

Belajar mengenai minyak minyak yang ada dan faedahnya. Anda akan terkejut dengan kemampuannya untuk menolong dalam masalah kulit:)

Take care..

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