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How To Make: Solid Shampoo Bar Malaysia

Lush shampoo bar malaysia
Hi all, today's post is purely experimental. Ive just received my SLS and i just couldn't wait to try it out. Ive been wanting to make Shampoo Bars like those Lush has for months now and i finally got the chance to make it today! Yeay!

So before i go through the steps with you, let me write down why i used certain ingredients in this recipe. Its quite complicated because i really wanted to put every goody things once can put in a shampoo bar as much as possible to get the maximum benefits. So here it is. Basically these are the ingredients used :
(P/s: many are not too sure about using sls in their product. Lush the handmade cosmetic store are reusing it in their products. Click here to find out why they started using it. Do not use it if you are not comfortable with it. You can always follow this sls free castile shampoo tutorial for sls free ingredient.
  1. 375g SLS (needle)
  2. 50g Cocoamidopropyl Betaine
  3. 50g Cocoa Butter
  4. 10g Coconut Oil
  5. 10g Polyquat-7
  6. 15g Cetyl Alcohol
  7. 15g E-Wax
  8. 5g D-Panthenol
  9. 5g Vitamin E
  10. 5g Mandarin Lime Fragrance Oil
  11. Few drops Yellow Pigment Color
  12. Lemon Skin dried (3 tablespoon)
Now lets start with SLS: SLS is a surfactant that is responsible for removal of dirt. In shampoo making its essential for it because without it its quite difficult to remove dirt. Some prefer to use the normal CP soap as shampoo however after prolong use you will realise your hair is very freezy. its because of the high alkaline level from our CP soap. SLS is a replacement for it. Ill be writing a whole post about SLS and surfactant next so stay tuned.

Cocoamidopropyl Betaine: This is an organic compound that is derived from coconut. Its a secondary surfactant and is usually added to increase mildness especially when using a stronger surfactant such as SLS. It also contains humectant properties therefore it will help to moisturise our hair.

Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil: Im incorporating butters in because it tends to make the bar stay hard. However i couldn't resist putting coconut oil on my hair since its a remarkable oil for hair hence this two ingredients. You can always change the butter and oil to whatever other oils you want.

Polyquat-7: This is a polymer that binds to the hair to make it very conditioning. It contains high humectant and therefore it attract water from surrounding making your hair very moisturised and healthy looking. 

Cetyl Alcohol & Ewax- To make the bar harder and bind all the water and oil together.

D-Panthenol: Another awesome humectant. D-Panthenol is actually Vit B5, and its really good for hair. Hack its so good that they have a whole shampoo company taking up this name:-)

Vitamin E: again for moisturising and its benefit of repairing hair.

Mandarin Lime Fragrance Oil, Yellow Pigment, Lemon Skin: FOR FUN! I don't want a boring looking soap! Im a girl after all:-)

So hope that help a little. Now lets go to the steps on how to make it:

  1. Prepare all ingredients that needs to be melted, Melt it in microwave for a minute burst till everything is melted.
    Lush shampoo bar malaysia
  2. In another container, add the SLS. If you want it to look like lush you will have to leave the SLS as it is. Do not melt it.
    Lush shampoo bar malaysia
  3. Once the other ingredients are melted, Add it into the bowl containing SLS. 
    Lush shampoo bar malaysia
  4. Mix everything. At this time add all the other ingredients.
    Lush shampoo bar malaysia
  5. Mold it
  6. Leave it to harden. If you can't wait like me, pop it into the freezer for 20 mins. 
  7. Done! (p/s: its not very hard but its satisfactory. If you want to use it i suggest you cut it into smaller bar of soap for one-two times use so that it doesn't melt off. The weather is too hot to not melt the butter:-(. Feeling on the hair? Awesome!)
    Lush shampoo bar malaysia

    Lush shampoo bar malaysia

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  1. INTERESTING! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seeing as this shampoo bar is in regular contact with water, shouldn't you be using a preservative?
    How did your hair feel after using this bar? Thanks!

    1. hi yes you can add preservative. We tried it in normal room temperature and it lasted for 6 months without preservation (without in contact with water). if after using its best to use it up within 3-4 weeks:-) It felt very mild:-)

  3. Fantastic recipe! Really love it :) however its a bit drying for my blonde, bleached hair (and for that I blame myself). Wondering if there any additional conditioning ingredient I can add to this recipe?

    1. Sure:-) ucould change the Ewax to btms 50. Its more conditioning

  4. What is the ph of this shampoo bar? have you had the chance to test it?

  5. Hi anony- it was around 6-7

    unknown- u can add more polyquat:-)

  6. Since it's in contact with water what is the preservative I should use and how much of it?


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