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Soap Colorant. When To Use What?

Many have asked me this question on when to use the liquid pigment and when to use the powder pigment.

Liquid pigment is custom made for Soap Lab and the current one we have (the 8 for RM69 set) has glycerin as the base. (We will be producing a castor oil based liquid pigment soon). Though glycerin is actually ok in water and oil base, it really shouldn't be used in all oil base formulation. This is because the droplets of color doesn't dissolve fully in all oil product. So in this kind of situation, its better to use powder. Do enquire from us what is the base when you purchase our liquid pigments.

Can i use the liquid pigment in my Soap?
Yes you can. In soap making there is oil phase and water phase. Therefore you can actually use any of the pigments (regardless powder or liquid) in soap making

So when i shouldn't use Liquid Pigments (Glycerin Based)?
You shouldn't use liquid pigments when you are making an all oil product. This are cosmetics that are made with no water addition at all. Example of products using all oil only are:

  1. Solid Body Butter
  2. Lip Balm
  3. Lip Balm Scrub
  4. Body Butter
How do i dilute powder pigments?

Hope this clarifies your doubts:-)


  1. hi, r those colours in neon bright colours?

  2. hi the liquid pigment? yes its like in the picture. exactly the same:-)

  3. Can i use this liquid pigment in all your handmade soap bases?


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