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Handmade Soaps for Business

Are you interested to make soaps for business?
Welcome to Soap Lab Malaysia. We have been making soaps 2004 and would like to invite you to join our journey to making soaps.
Soap Lab Malaysia is a one stop store selling supplies to make your own soaps and cosmetics. But we are also a little different. We dont only sell supplies and raw materials, we also love to teach and guide you on how to make these products safely and effectively. The best part is its all FREE and can be found in this blog: www.soaplabmalaysia.com
Now lets start with soaps. If you are new and have not made soaps before, there are 3 methods of making soaps. You can click here to learn about the methods.

One of the simplest way of making soaps are the Melt and Pour method. Its safe and easy! Soap bases can be purchased from anywhere and we loved it when we started. However, after being a supplier we found out that the soap bases sold by our suppliers are no different from the commercially available soaps; therefore we decided to make our own soap bases. Click here to read our journey on how we made them.

Dont know how to make them?

Here is the simplest video on how to make your own soap. Its so simple just like ABC!
Click here to view:

Currently we have about 10 types of soapbases. All used for different skin types. Below are the types of soapbases available:

Not sure when to use them?

Here is a simple guide:
For Normal Skin:
Lucky you! You can use any of the soap bases!
For Oily & Acne Skin:
Honey Soap Base, Aloe Vera Soap Base, Papaya Soap Base, Green Tea Soap Base (from both the generations)
For Dry & Sensitive Skin
All the second generation soap base
After choosing your bases, you have an option to add additives. Additives are ingredients that you add to make your soap more attractive. Below are the common additives been used:

Fragrance Oil & Essential Oil

As for Essential Oil & Fragrance Oil, you can add any FO & EO. Just make sure that they are suitable for skin. The problem is soap making in Malaysia is in infant stage, therefore its very difficult to find a FO or EO thats suitable for skin as most sold in Malaysia is produced for Candle making and Aromatherapy purpose.
Those FO & EO usually contains alcohol that may cause redness on skin or other skin reactions. Therefore if you do want to add these; please find out if its suitable for skin or get it from us in soaplab as our fragrances are for skin and cosmetic use. Ours are mostly from our USA supplier therefore its all for cosmetic use:-) If you are not sure whats the difference between Eo & Fo, please click here.


Colorant that you use for soapmaking cannot be food coloring. The reason is because food colors can at times stain skin and its not stable in soap pH. There are cosmetic colorants and we in Soap Lab Malaysia have got more than 30 colors for you to choose from as the picture below. All are naturally derived Mica that is from either rocks or volcanic earth. To read more about the difference please click here.

Fresh Ingredients

Because of the nature of soaps and cosmetics; its not advisable to add any fresh ingredients into soaps and cosmetics because it will get spoilt fast. My usual general rule of thumb is this; if you will not eat the food that you add in after few days in room temperature, you cant use the soap and cosmetic as well. We have a write up about why here. (Clickhere)


This are medicine like chemicals thats added into soaps or cosmetics to give a 'sure' effects. Its like medicine thats approved to be used in cosmetics where you must use according to the dosage advised. If you put less or more it can be dangerous.
Below is the picture of the cosmeceuticals we have in Soap Lab and when to use them. If you want to make whitening products; please click here to find out the extra precautions you need to take.
So basically these are the things you will need to consider when making soaps. It can be a little overwhelming at first but dont worry. Its not as hard as it looks like. Try it out:-)
If you would like to purchase any of this items, you can do store in our
online store here (24hours)-www.soaplabmalaysia.com
Contact us Here
If you are interested to check out any of our other bases (besides soaps),
Click Here.

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