Soap Lab's Natural Soap Base (100% Vegetarian, SLS/SLES Free, Handmade)

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Soap Lab's Natural Glycerin Melt and Pour Soap Handmade

You requested, and we finally did it! After months of experiment we finally succeeded in making all natural soap base (melt and pour soap/glycerin soap)! And its all handmade in soap lab; which means we know exactly what goes into the making of the soap and not like how factory made soap base are! We are very generous too when it came to putting in the oils and moisturising ingredients as compared to factory made that puts only few drops to save cost! 

Ramai yang mintak soap lab malaysia membuat sabun melt and pour yang jenis 100% natural dan kami akhirnya telah berjaya membuatnya selepas banyak experiment sejak beberapa bulan yang lepas. Soap base ni kami memasaknya sendiri di soap lab oleh itu memang kami 100% pasti apa yang kita masukkan. Semuanya 100% vegetarian dan minyak kita tu memang banyak kita masukkan. Bukannya seperti soap base dari kilang yang letak beberapa titik je untuk jimat kos:)

So anyway, this soap base is basically made from the following ingredients; simplified for you:
Soap base yang kita ada adalah seperti berikut:
  1. Pure coconut oil (minyak kelapa)
  1. Pure oils (according to the soapbase you purchase: if olive coconut base contains coconut oil and virgin olive oil etc)
  1. Vegetable glycerin (potent moisturizer) (glycerin dari sayuran)
  1. Sugar cane water ( moisturizer) (air gula tebu)
  1. Propylene glycol ( from natural source: food grade)
  1. Stearic acid ( fatty acids from palm oil)
  1. Vinegar (cuka)
  1. Table salt (garam)
  1. Sodium hydroxide ( needed for soap making)

As you can see the ingredients above, it doesn't have any detergent (SLS or SLES) so trust me when i say this will be the most moisturising bar of soap you will ever use (almost like a cold process soap). 

Seperti yang anda boleh lihat diatas, soap base ini tidak mempunya detergent seperti SLS dan SLES. So bila anda menggunakan soap base ini memang sangat best dan melembabkan kulit ( sama seperti menggunakan sabun dari cara cold process soap)

This soap bases comes in few different variation as below: 

Sabun soap base ni kita ada banyak jenis seperti:
  1. Soap Lab's Natural Coconut Soap Base
  2. Soap Lab's Natural Coconut-Olive Soap Base
  3. Soap Lab's Natural Shea butter Soap Base
  4. Soap Lab's Natural Honey Buttermilk Soap Base
  5. Soap Lab's Natural Buttermilk Soap Base
  6. Soap Lab's Natural Papaya Soap Base
  7. Soap Lab's Natural Aloe Vera Soap Base
  8. Soap Lab's Natural Green Tea Soap Base

So whats the difference between this soap lab's handmade natural soap as compared to soap lab's handmade soap base? 

So apa bezanya Soap lab's handmade natural soap berbanding dengan soap lab's handmade soap base?

Though both are handmade in soap lab, the handmade soap base (lets call it the first generation) contains SLES while this natural soap base (2nd generation soap) doesnt contain any of this.

Walaupun keduanya di buat di soap lab, yang Handmade Soap Base (generasi pertama) mempunyai SLES ( sebab nak transparent) manakala Handmade Natural Soap Base (generasi kedua) tidak mempunyai sebarang SLES. 

When do I use which soap base?

Bila nak guna soap base yang mana?

SLES is a surfactant thats powerful in cleansing. So if you have normal skin, and sweat a lot, the First generation soap base will be a better soap to use. However if you have dry skin or suffer from eczema etc, use the second generation soap base. Or better yet use both. The second generation use in the morning and it will be moisturizing your skin, and at night after sweating the whole day use the first generation soap base for cleansing:) 

SLES adalah pembersih yang sangat kuat. Oleh itu jika anda mempunyai kulit yang normal dan selalu berpeluh dan berbau, gunakan soap basi dari generasi pertama. Jika anda mempunyai kulit yang sensitif dan eczema, gunakan yang generasi kedua. Ataupun paling best guna kedua dua. Pagi sebab tak berpeluh guna sabun generasi kedua (utk melembabkan kulit) dan malam lepas dah berpeluh seharian, guna sabun dari generasi pertama:) 

If i wanted to make a facial cleanser which is better? 

Kalau nak buat cleanser muka yang mana perlu saya guna?

If you wanted to make facial cleanser get any of the following soap base:
Normal skin:
  1. Soap Lab's Handmade honey soap base
  1. Soap Lab's handmade aloe vera soap base
  1. Soap lab's handmade papaya soap base
Troubled/sensitive skin:
  1. Soap Lab's Natural Buttermilk Honey soap base
  1. Soap Lab's Natural Aloe Vera soap base
  1. Soap Lab's Natural Papaya soap base
However bare in mind both soap bases are not tears free. Therefore avoid eye area when using these soap bases. 

Walaubagaimanapun, disebabkan kedua-dua generasi soap base ini bukannya 'tears free', jangan gunakkannya diatas mata (tutup mata masa guna macam sabun lama2)

If you want to order this soap base (second generation, more natural click here
Jika anda ingin mengorder soap base ini click disini

If you want to checkout what kind of experiment we did to derive the soap base click here
Jika anda nak melihat bagaimana kami membuat experiment ini; click di sini

If you want to checkout our first generation soap bases (that contains SLES) click here
Jika anda nak melihat sabun dati generasi pertama, click disini

If you want to view free tutorials on how to use these soap bases, click here.
Jika anda ingin melihat tutorial bagaimana nak membuat sabun menggunakan soap base ini, klik disini.

Terima kasih kerana membaca soap lab:) jika anda mempunyai sebarang pertanyaan mengenai artikel ini sila meninggalkan comment di bawah. Jika ingin mengorder soap base ini sila klik disini atau whatsapp 0126643817. Tq

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  1. Sy suka shea butter soap base.. dr 1kg .. sekrg da oder lbh dr tu..sronok dapat jana income dgn bhn berkualiti dr soaplab..tqsm!!

  2. i would love to attend class on how to make the natural soap base (melt and pour soap/glycerin soap)

  3. Hi christina. Im afraid we don hv class for these as we hv patented our formula. Sorry:(

  4. Hi Soaplab,
    Would it be possible to melt the glycerin to remake our own soap? I wanna make a diy toy soap for my boy birthday. Please advise.

  5. Hi Soaplab,
    Would it be possible to melt the glycerin to remake our own soap? I wanna make a diy toy soap for my boy birthday. Please advise.

  6. Hi Starlet. Glycerin is a byproduct of soap. its not soap and its in liquid form. if you meant by glycerin soap as in this post here; yes you can remelt and use it to make as toy soap by putting it into a toy looking mould:-)

  7. nak order tapi x tahu nak pilih yg mane..tolong bagi tunjuk ajar.jika ade buat class utk buat sabun ni sy nak join..

  8. Hi nasz u boleh klick di link ini:
    How to choose bases in soaplabmalaysia
    Utk class kita mmg ada tapi bukan utk buat soapbase. Buat cp soap untuk business sahaja. Yg lain mmg kita dah ada tutorial video free kat website ni:-)


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