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Cosmetic bases available in soap lab malaysia

Base Kosmetik yang boleh didapati di Soap Lab Malaysia

In soap lab malaysia we have many bases that can be turned into products. Most of our bases are made from natural ingredients and are safe to be used and have high shelf stability if handled well.

Di soap lab malaysia kami mempunyai banyak 'base' yang boleh digunakkan untuk ditukar menjadi produk kecantikan. Kebanyakkan (hampir semua) base kami ini dibuat daripada bahan natural dan selamat digunakkan. Ianya juga mempunyai jangka hayat yang panjang jika digunakkan seperti disarankan.

Why use bases?

1. Easy ( everything is done for you so all you do is add your other additives and done!)
2. Faster ( you don have to wait for 'curing time'and can start using/selling immediately.)
3. Cheaper cost ( if you making from scratch there is a lot of trial and error and results in wastage. This is already done!)
4. Not exposed to harmful ingredients (in soapmaking you must use lye or sodium hydroxide which is harmful if not handled properly. Plus its not safe around kids! Can burn their little fingers!)

Mengapa menggunakan Base?

1. senang. (Semuanya sudah siap. Anda hanya perlu tambah bahan-bahan lain seperti pewarna, pewangi dan extrak lain untuk membuat produk anda unik)
2. Cepat (anda tidak perlu tunggu untuk 'curing time' yang lama -jika buat sabun dari mula kena tunggu 4-6 minggu sebelum guna. Kalau guna base 2 jam dah boleh guna.)
3. Murah (jika buat sendiri akan ada banyak pembaziran sebab mesti ada silap. Base dah siap so takkan bazir)
4. Tak payah handle bahan kimia berbahaya (macam lye dalam sabun yang u buat sendiri sangat bahaya jika tak guna betul betul terutamanya jika ada kanak-kanak lagi teruk kalau terkena tangan. Boleh terbakar)

Why Purchase From Soap Lab Malaysia?

1. we are dedicated to make natural bases and are all 100% vegetarian ( the founder is strict vegetarian so no animal fats around us!)
2. All our bases goes through extensive in house r&d.
3. All the bases are handmade ( gives jobs opportunity to women in Malaysia flexi hour)
4. Because its handmade, we can control what we put in (100% natural ingredients). We cant do this if we outsource to factories . We cant see what they put in!
5. Our suppliers are mostly from Malaysia and so the ingredients we put in is Halal.
6. Our min order is low (min 1kg) so you can start your business with small quantity first then scale up accordingly.

Mengapa beli base dari Soap Lab Malaysia?

1. kita memang memastikan semua bahan dalam base ini dibuat dari minyak sayuran dan natural
2. Kesemua bases kita dibuat di soap lab dan melalui R&D di lab kami.
3. Disebabkan ianya 'handmade', kita boleh pastikan bahan yang kita masukkan itu natural dan selamat. Jika kita mintak kilang untuk buatkan, memang tak nampak apa yang mereka masukkan:(
4. Kebanyakkan supplier kami dari Malaysia yang mempunyai cert Halal untuk bahan-bahan yang dimasukkan ke dalam base.
5. Minimum order kami sedikit (bermuladari 1kg) kalau nak mulakkan perniagaan tak payah nak beli banyak banyak. Try kecil kecilan dahulu.

What bases do soap lab malaysia have?

Base yang boleh didapati di Soap Lab Malaysia?

1. Natural Soap Base (base sabun natural)
2. Natural Lotion Base (base lotion natural)
3. Natural facial moisturizer base (base lotion muka natural)
4. Natural Cream Base (base cream natural)
5. Natural Body Butter Base (base body butter natural)
6. Facial Serum Base ( Base serum muka)
7. Natural Lip Balm Base (base lip balm natural)
8. Natural Ointment Base ( like vaselin but made from natural ingredients) (base jelly ntural)
9. Shampoo base (coming soon) (akan datang-base shampoo)
10. Body wash Base (coming soon) (akan datang base sabun mandi cecair)
11. Facial cleanser base (coming soon) (akan datang sabun pencuci muka)

Each bases have different variation to it. Like the soap bases itself have got 10 different types. Please click Here view the variety and on which conditions to use them. Thank you.

Setiap base ini mempunyai banyak variasi lain. Contohnya soapbase ada 10 jenis etc. Sila klik di sini untuk membaca dengan lebih lanjut mengenai base apa nak digunakan pada kulit yang mana. Terima kasih.


  1. Do you have plain soap base with 1kg. I saw most of your soap based have already mix with honey/ alor vera.

  2. hi Husna yes we do. u can get the transparent or white base. those are without anything. of u can get the natural coconut base, those are made from 100% coconut soap:-)

  3. Do u have resepi how to making whitening soap?

    1. hi sorry but for natural product whitening is not too fast results (usually 4-5 months) so we don really hv recipe for this. Instead you can take a look at out brightening recipes instead (menu bar on topplease click on Free recipes)


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