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How to Make Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C Face Serum

Bagaimana Membuat Serum Muka Hyaluronic Acid dan Vitamin C

Serum Muka diy

Hi All.
In today's tutorial we will teach you on how to make Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid Serum.
Now before we go into the recipe. Why this two combo?
Thats because this is like the best anti ageing combo there is out there.

Hi semua. Pada hari ini saya akan mengajar bagaimana untuk membuat Serum muka dengan menggunakan vitamin C dan Hyaluronic acid. Mengapa dua kombo ini? Kerana ianya sangat power untuk membuat serum untuk anti aging. 

Vitamin C because its super power antioxidant properties
and Hyaluronic Acid because of its ability to retain moisture. 
Its said that HA can retain up to 1000x moisture against its one molecule. It basically means that its so powerful to retain moisture that you skin will have this 'wet look' all the time. Also because its moisturising, it will make your skin more 'full' so that will also means less wrinkles:-)

Vitamin C sebab ia antioxidant yang sangat bagus, 
dan Hyaluronic acid pula dikatakan sang at bags untuk melembabkan kulit. Sangat ok oleh itu apabila digunakkan diatas muka ia akan menegangkan kulit (penuhkan kulit dengan air dari sekeliling) dan menjadikan kulit tegang sertamerta mengurangkan kedut di muka.

Ingredients/ Bahan-Bahan

  1. Soap Lab's Hyaluronic Acid Serum Base 100g
  2. Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 5g
  3. Essential oil of choice
  4. Serum Bottle for packaging

How To Do Bagaimana Membuatnya?

  1. Before you start make sure that you have sterilise all utensils. How to do that? Click here. Sebelum bermula pastikan anda telah mensterilkan segala perkakas yang akan digunakkan. Jika tidak pasti anda boleh membaca post kita yang sebelumnya disini.
  2. Pour out desired amount of Soap Lab's Hyaluronic Acid Serum into a bowl. Tuang Soap Lab's Handmade Hyaluronic Acid Serum base kedalam mangkuk.
  3. Add Ascorbic acid into glycerin to dilute and add into the serum base. Masukkan gliserin kedalam ascorbic acid powder dan gaul sehingga rata. kemudian masukkaan kedalam base serum.
  4. Add few drops of EO and mix well. Masukkan beberapa titik Essential oil dan gaul rata.
  5. Done. Ready to use. masukkan kedalam botol, dan siap:-)

Video Tutorial:



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  1. 1 kit ni bole dapat berapa ml serum?

  2. Hi Nurasmara, 1 kit can make 100g serum.

  3. How long can I keep it after I mixed all the ingredients ?

  4. Yes I would like to ask the same question. How long can I keep it after mixed all the ingredients?

  5. Hi sorry probably missed the last comment.
    Basically it depends on two things:
    If u r adding vit c it depends on how often you open and close the container. Coz vit c gets oxidized by air therefore try to keep it 'in' for a long time
    Second it depends on how clean ur area and surrounding is, if u stearilized ur container when making etc
    If all follow the correct way it shd be ok for 1 1/2yrs to 2 yrs. but like all other products, i woukd advice you use it up within 6 months after opening the product:)

  6. EO paling sesuai untuk serum ni yg mana ye? atau mana-mana pun boleh?

  7. Mana-mana yg u prefer pun boleh:-)

  8. if vitamin c mox glycerin.is it okay?

  9. If one has dry and sensitive skin, is it wise to use ascorbic acid?

    1. you can. but gt to try first. do this test:http://www.soaplabmalaysia.com/2015/02/blog-post.html

  10. Kit ini sesuai tuk kulit jeragat/jerawat kew?

  11. Vit c memang max 5g je boleh guna? Kalau lebih apa jadi?

    1. hi boleh sehingga 20% tetapi ia akan berbau seperti cuka (masam) dan boleh menjadi warna kuning gelap bila dioxidized.

  12. What is the recommended dose to use daily base on this recipe?

    1. hi Eliza. sorry dont understand:-( is it how much to use? As much as can cover your face; twice a day-0

  13. Hye I want to ask..is it ok to sell this ha serum plus vitamin c without preservatives?

  14. @Normalia- If according to this recipe you are using soap Lab's base that already contains Paraben Free preservative:-)


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