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Why You Should Make & Use Handmade Soaps in Malaysia

Most people have never used handmade soap before. 

Most of the commercial product that we see in the stores quite often are made from ingredients that are drying and irritating to us. 

For example, a lot of them use chemical detergents and synthetic lathering agents (this is what makes your soap very “bubbly”). 

When it comes to handmade soap, this is not the case. You make it yourself so you know exactly what are you adding in. 

Below, you will see all the reasons why handmade soap is so great.

1) No Harsh Ingredients

We make it ourselves lovingly, with oils, liquid and lye which do not contain any of those harsh ingredients. 

Wait...but isn’t lye is a harsh ingredient? Yes it is, but when you make soap the chemical reaction will leave no lye behind in the soap you use. When made correctly according to our recipes, there will be no lye coming into contact with your skin at all. Check out our post here to see how this magic chemistry works! 

Also believe it or not.. Lye is natural! Check out our post here about what lye is and how to use lye safely

2) Glycerin

The next reason why handmade soap is so great is that it has glycerin. 

Glycerin moisturises your skin as it is a humectant, just like honey. 

Some of you may be thinking….”humectant? What is that??” 

Don’t worry, I had the same reaction too when I first heard the word.

 When something is a ‘humectant’, it means that it can absorb moisture from the environment to the skin. This will then makes sure the skin is hydrated all day long resulting in moisturised skin; and this is what glycerin does. 

Most commercial soaps remove glycerin from the soap (coz its expensive!) so that they can make lotions out of it. 

Because of this, your skin ends up dry and needing a lot of lotions and moisture.

3) Skin Loving Oils

When we make the soaps ourselves, we use the best oils that nourish and pamper our skin. 

For example in our cold and hot process soap recipes we use coconut oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil and many more. 

Every recipe we use different combinations of oils that are for different skin types. Because of this, even before you add any essential oils or fragrances, each bar is individually unique. 

Click here to download all our free soap recipes.

What we have shared above is the most basic reasons that you should use handmade soaps. But really, our favourite fun part comes when we can customise each soap with fragrances, essential oils that are great for skin, exfoliants and colours. check out all the recipes we have shared so far

Now that you know the amazing benefits of homemade, handmade soaps, do try making your own soap today! we are here to guide you:-)

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