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Do We Need To Rinse The Shampoo Bar With Vinegar?

Hi good morning.
Today's Question is: If you were using the shampoo bar from SoapLab' do you need to rinse it with vinegar?

Yes you do. Although we tried our best to have a soap bar that is well pH balanced; the pH is still 7.5 for these shampoo bars. Our hair's pH is around 4.5-5.5. Therefore it needs a mild acidic rinse (usually white vinegar or apple cider vinegar)

Why This Happens?

When we wash our hair with normal synthetic detergent shampoo; it has a lot of 'ingredients' including stronger surfactants like sodium lauryl sulphate and also silicones. SLS shampoos are 'well' pH balanced but over time it also causes built up on the hair causing it to become 'heavy' and dull. Hence you need all those 'deep cleansing' routine weekly.

For natural soaps with 'lower' surfactants; or for SoapLab's bars thats made using natural oils; its impossible to make them well pH balanced without breaking up the reaction (basically the soap bar needs to be in high pH for it to work) and therefore the pH is usually at the 'acidic' side. Since the hair is a 'dead' cell and doesn't know how to balance the pH by itself (unlike our skin pH that knows how to 'adjust'); we will need to rinse it with vinegar to help it reduce it's pH.

Is It Dangerous?

It really depends on hair type actually. If you are one of those who has colored hair; or really dry hair; then going natural with all sulphate free shampoos are better because the stronger surfactants like SLS tends to strip off the hair's natural oil; and colour; making it look dull and lifeless.

However; if you have normal hair; you have an option to use any type. Bare in mind though that the first few rinse with your natural shampoo; you probably wouldn't like it because it will give you a 'static' feeling. To avoid that; rinse with vinegar and after few wash you will be ok. 

But Vinegar Are So Smelly!

Yeah i know:-( Thats why i usually get vinegar and add citrus-y fragrances or essential oils into it and keep those only as conditioner. My favourite way is to get those 'spray' bottles and adding these vinegar essential oil combination. It's easier to spray all over the head after shampooing; leaving it for few minutes; and rinse it off. really nice and very simple to do. Do try and let me know how it went:-)

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  1. It's because of the Ph that I stop shampoos altogether. I have dandruff issue and years of trying. Finally went into a mere simple mode of cocoamidopropyl with a little olive oil added into it. Till I have issues, It works. Having too many bottles in the shower is also a chore. So one for all. Malas to think sometimes.


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