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Re-Formulating SK2 Facial Treatment Essence Using More Natural & Plant Based Ingredients.

Hi guys. 

Today we will talk about what SK2 Essence is all about and over the course of next few days, I'll talk about how to make the similar product/essence with plant based ingredients for those who wants something that is natural and vegetarian. I will also come up with ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin or eczema skin so you can enjoy this too.

If you are in Asia; you should know that SK2 is really famous. 

When i was younger; till very recently; i love using their products. Infact i used to save up every 'Ringgit' i could for this. 

I believed the marketing they did and somehow i felt that it made a lot of changes to my skin (or is it placebo; i don't know!)

So anyways; for those who dont know; heres something i got from the SK2 website about the essence:

From Sk2 Website

When you reread them again; (as how i did; again and again); i don't think it specified anything. 

It just says less and more but not to a point of how many percent or what kind of improvement. 

But then again; thats what most cosmetics marketing is all about so we cant blame them. its just how it is. 

So anyways; Here's the ingredient listing:
Galactomyces ferment filtrate*, butylene glycol, pentylene glycol, aqua (water), sodium benzoate, methylparaben, sorbic acid *PITERA™

For the purpose of experimentation and how we can substitute the ingredients; lets get deeper into what the ingredients suppose to do. 

Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate (Pitera)
The claim of what it does: 
  1. whitening
  2. prevent spots
  3. less wrinkles
  4. smoother texture
  5. suppler skin
Butylene Glycol
  1. as emollient (moisturiser)
  2. also may be used in anti microbial activity against years and moulds (since galactomyces ferment filtrate is yeast; it may be for the product to have longer shelf life. For this reason; it may be used in 8-10% concentration)

Pentylene glycol
  1. same as butylene glycol
  2. may also be added to reduce water activity (lesser unbound water) to increase shelf life. 
  3. can be used up to 4%

  1. diluent
  2. to add up to make the product up to 100% in volume

Sodium Benzoate
  1. preservative

  1. preservative
  2. yes its world famous paraben!

Sorbic Acid
  1. preservative.

So now that we know the ingredients listing and what it does; the next few days; lets talk about what are the alternative ingredients that we can use and how to formulate a plant based essence to make something similar to SK2 essence.

Let me know your thought or if you wanted to add something i may have left out..

Thank you for reading..



  1. Its so exciting to read this, finally someone dares to dissect the pink elephant in the room. Go on, please. Lets see how we can make a safer and more natural product that wont burn our pocket and works even better.

  2. Saw this and I am so so excited for the next article post! I knew SK-II is too good to be true, and unfortunately I have a couple of aquitance who had bad skin reaction after they stop using SK-II

  3. Well, from their ads, i think the pitera came from rice? Also for asian we do use rice water as one of the beauty secrets right? But then how do we turn it into pitera? Ferment it? Boil it and then ferment it? Also yes! I am excited to learn the next step and re-create my own moracle water. Hehehe

  4. Im sorry for the fermentation you will have to test it because sincerly it will be way to expensive to diy and test for microbials etc:-(


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