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How Many Drops Of Essential Should I Put for 5%?

How many drop of essential oil is 5%?
This is one question im asked daily🤣 and i get why you asked me this because most of the formulation (recipe) you see in the internet is mostly using cups and spoons.
However, the recipes you see in soaplab is in percentage and weight (grams usually).

Why Percentage? 

The reason is simple; when its percentage; you can always adjust the ingredients to the weight you want. Lets say if you need 100g of lotion; all you have to do is (y%/100%) x weight (100g) : y being the ingredients percentage. 
So if you want to change the weight to lets say 500g or 25kg or even 100kg, its just you changing the weight part. Its so much predictable and you can replicate your recipe the same way again and again. Click here to view how to calculate percentage from an article i wrote before.

Why Weight?

Simple reason; the cups or teaspoon recipes you see in the internet; you may not have the same sized cups or teaspoon so you will tend to have wrong measurement. Besides; how do u know how much to measure? Is it measure flat cups? Or is it the powder have to have peak mountain like when you measure? So the simplest way is by weight.

Some also mentioned like why not use ml instead of g? Because unless you have a really good measuring cylinder; most measuring cups are inaccurate. Plus if you are measuring a small amount; sometimes you can have ‘ralat’ where you may not measure it correctly. And how you going to measure powders in ml🤔? Thats why its easier to put it on a weighing scale and measure digitally.

What if my weighing machine only weights 1g above?

If you need to weigh something that is lets say 0.2g and your weighing machine shows 1g above; then the next best thing you can do is use whatever spoon you have and start measuring every spoonful. Like me what i do is; ill use a spoon and count how many spoon of the powder ive got to put to get lets say 10g. Then ill divide the 10g to how many spoonful i added in. Lets say 20spoon ful of powder for 10g. Then i would conclude that one spoon is equivalent to 0.5g. So if half it would be 0.25g.

Try it out:) 
Hope this article helps you better and if you find it useful; dont forget to share or tag your friends who need this:) 

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