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What Is The Difference Between Castile Liquid Soap & Coconut Liquid Soap

Hi good morning. Today ill be talking about the difference between these two types of liquid soap that is available in SoapLab.

Now if you are not aware of this; we in SoapLab make these liquid soap on our own using our recipe (yes we manufacture it!). So whatever thats in this article is about SoapLab's liquid soap only. There may be other Castile soap available in the market (like Dr Bronner's) but its not similar to the one we are talking about here. Dr Bronner's Castile soap is a combination of few oils while SoapLab's one is made using 100% olive oil. It's not the same.

What Is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is soaps made from olive oil. Previously; people only use the term Castile when the soap has 100% olive oil in it, but recently (the past 10 years); if you had a little olive oil in your soap you can call it Castile.

What Is Coconut Liquid Soap?

Coconut liquid soap is liquid soap made from coconut oil. Again this can also mean the same. where it can be either 100% coconut or could be a mixture of few ingredients/ oils and yet still be called as coconut.

The ones in SoapLab is formulated to have 100% olive oil (castile liquid soap) and 100% Coconut Oil (for the coconut liquid soap)

What is the function of Castile Liquid Soap?

Castile liquid soap are usually very moisturising. The one in SoapLab is made using 100% olive oil and it has all the properties of olive oil soap; very moisturising.

However; just like all other olive oil soap; it isnt cleansing at all. almost 0 cleansing properties; which means it wouldnt clean you.

Olive oil is suitable in situations that doesn't require high cleansing. If you are in Malaysia; this liquid soap will be suitable for babies below 6 months old, and for conditioning to all those with sensitive skin and skin that requires high moisturising.

What is The Function Of Coconut Liquid Soap?

Coconut liquid soap is the total opposite of olive oil. Its a cleansing soap and can be used in many 'area' such as body soap, shampoo, mild dish-wash, mild detergent etc.

Its a liquid soap made 100% from coconut oil and its suitable for those who requires cleansing (which is usually almost all people staying in hot climate like in Malaysia).

Its just like a normal soap where it cleans your body properly; but not overly drying like the commercial soaps you find in the market. Its sulphate free and its suitable for all skin type including sensitive and eczema skin.

Which Is Better?

There is no one soap that is superior to another. Just because someone uses a soap and it works; it doesn't mean it will work for you too. Everybody is different and so you need to figure out what is the purpose of your soap and what kind of skin do you have and go from there.

If you are someone with sensitive skin; but sweat a lot (like me!); then use the coconut liquid soap. Castile liquid soap will not clean you and if you use it alone; after few days you will have sweat build up: SMELLY!

If you have a toddler who is active (every toddler is!); then use the coconut liquid soap.

If you have a baby who not yet crawl; then use the Castile liquid soap.

Just make sure when you use both soaps; avoid eye area as these soaps are made using traditional way; and so like traditional soaps it will sting the eye (we don't add any eye numbing chemical in this).

Can I Mix It?

We tried mixing it too. Unfortunately; the shelf life of Castile soap is quite short after diluting (thats why these days we sell the paste and you need to dilute it yourself). Can last probably for 6 months only before it gives away a 'oily' smell. and so due to that; we do not premix the coconut and olive oil soap. But you can always mix it if you are going to use it right away.

Another way you could use this is by using both at different times of the day. In the morning when you just wake up; usually there is hardly 'sweat'. In this situation you can use the Castile soap. But in the evening; when you come back from your daily activity/ gym etc; that time use the coconut liquid soap. Or you can use the Castile as 'body conditioner' after cleaning with coconut liquid soap. You can always switch it around depending on your body condition.

Try it; and let me know if you have any questions..

Thank you for reading;


  1. Hi there! It is interesting to found the difference between Castile liquid soap and coconut liquid soap. May I know is it possible to mix Castile liquid soap/ coconut liquid soap with vitamin E, some essential oil and vegetables glycerin in it?

  2. sure u can mix it just that since we have never donw it we wouldnt be sure about the measuremenr. Its the best to try in small amount first:-)and dont forget emulsifier if you are adding oils to water or it will separate ya:-)

  3. I did not know pure olive oil castile had 0 cleansing properties?! I've been using one for a few months now, and the seller never mentioned anything about this. In fact, it is promoted as a gentle cleanser. Although I do feel clean after showering, I was increasingly noticing stinky pits at the end of the day (hot humid Indonesian weather) haha

  4. hi anon. yes it doesnt cleanse at all:-( hence for humid country like ours (and indonesia) we cant use its 100%. Will definately stink:-D


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