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Is Beeswax An Emulsifier

Hi good morning.
Today I'll be talking about how 'beeswax' is not an emulsifier. Yes you heard that right: its NOT an emulsifier.

If you go through 10 recipes online on how to make lotion; probably 8/10 of those recipes will show you how to make a 'lotion' using beeswax.

These recipes usually uses oils, butters, beeswax and some hydrosols/ fresh aloe vera and usually uses 'cups' as measurement. Now you know that when the recipes uses cups and spoons; you should just move away! Because there is no way to measure properly using 'cups'. your 'cups and theirs can be different! the best way to measure your skincare is by weight or percentage. Remember that!

So anyways back to the beeswax; now beeswax is not an emulsifier; its a 'hardener'. In order for an ingredient to become an emulsifier; it needs to have two different 'components' within itself. one 'tail' should be water loving, one 'tail' oil loving and so when you put an oil phase and water phase together with an emulsifier; it becomes a lotion.

Beeswax; doesn't have these properties. It's all 'oils'! no water loving phase unless you turn it into a soap (this ill do another article on it)

So Why Are The Internet Recipes 'Stable'?

Now i wouldn't say its 'stable' because first of all most isn't even 'preserved' properly; and as I've mentioned here; you cant see the bacteria/mold until its multiplied by millions times and even then its already dangerous to use. and the same goes with the emulsion.

Usually the recipes in the internet contains more oil phase (80%) and 20% of water phase. So when these ingredients are blended together using high force; the high force actually 'emulsifies' the ingredients. Added with beeswax thats a hardener; it usually hardens the oil phase (becomes like balm) so that it doesn't separate out. So now the thing thats left is the 'water phase' and since it is mixed using high force; the water droplets becomes 'smaller' and sneaks in between the 'hardened' oils.

Now it's not to say you cant do this at home. Sure you can! just don't call it a 'lotion' because its not! its a balm with droplets of water! Do it! But just make sure to preserve it properly. and don't sell it! Because it's not 'safe'.

Why Its Not Safe?

Ok this really depends on what ingredients you are adding in. If its just normal; its not a problem but if you are adding active ingredients or something that is potent like cosmeceuticals or essential oils; then its not 'very safe' because when you add these ingredients usually you will calculate the 'percentage' according to the full recipe.

However; since it's not a 'lotion', over time the water phase and oil phase will 'separate'. Its probably not seen visually but if you have a 'lab' and centrifuge it you will see it separating. The actives; depending if its water soluble or oil soluble will 'migrate' to those phases. So when you scoop out; you are scooping out the oil phase (since oil will be on top and water below) and you will probably be applying double of the 'actives' amount which can probably be unsafe (depending on dose).


ok its confusing. heres an example:

let's say you made a 'beeswax lotion', and in your recipe you put 50% oil phase, and 50% water phase.
Maybe something like jojoba oil + olive oil + argan oil+ beeswax= 50g, fresh aloe vera juice + rose hydrosol = 50g.

When you see a recipe like this; run! because there is no preservative! but anyway; lets just for the fun of it; continue doing this.

So then you decided that you wanted to add 5% of essential oil (lets say sandalwood), and gluthathione (because you want to be fair asap; you add the maks dose which is 2%)

So you blend it and leave it and use it after 5 days. heres what will happen:

  1. Your 'balm-lotion' is already spoilt because your aloe vera already 'rosak' but you cant see it for another 6 months.
  2. depending on the 'force' you use for this product; usually the water and oil phase already starting to separate out
  3. when you use; you will be scooping out more of one phase. let's say since this recipe should be 'pourable' you will get more water phase then oil. And so you apply this on your skin; and bam! after few weeks; your skin will start 'burning' because you have been using 4% of gluthathione (way above the maks dose allowed). 
so you see; this is why a proper emulsifier is required. But if you are doing just a 'basic' beeswax lotion and own use; its ok.

Only i don't understand this; if you really want to make 'balm' why don't just make balm? why call it a lotion?

What would be the reason not to use proper emulsifier? Is it because you 'don't know' or is it some other reason? Let me know so i can help you out!

Thank you for reading;


  1. sometimes doer and doee are both ignorant enough to create a blind leading blind situation . its happens with the internet world. thats why someone like you are needed to educate . thanks for the article .

  2. tq dear for reading:-)

  3. Kalau saya guna shea butter mix dengan avocado oil dan beeswax. Then add on essential oils, boleh tak dijadikan serum? Brapa lama boleh tahan / expired?

  4. People are so afraid of preservatives and such due to internet information. So a lot of people market as oils and water only... Thanks

  5. @Nadia- Its not called as serum. akan dipanggil balm:-)

    Audamus- tq:-)


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