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Skin Purging? Does Hyaluronic Cause Acne?

Hi guys.

Today I'll be talking about this phenomenon called the skin purging.
Quite a few of you asked us this like why is it that when you use some products (natural or not); your skin tends to break out?

Well; heres the thing; you might be going through this condition called 'skin purging'. Some also calls it 'breakout' and some just calls it acne attack. Whatever its called; basically skin purging happens when you use a product and all of a sudden you have big 'pimples'!

Now if you ask us; not all product causes this. sometimes it is breakout because of hormone etc; but if you product contains any of these ingredients that causes 'skin turnover' like Hyaluronic acid, Salicylic acid, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Niacinamide or Retinol; all these will cause skin purging.

How Acne is Formed?

Acne is usually first formed when skin is clogged (dust/oil/sweat etc) and this clog becomes microcomodones and its mostly under the skin(hardly visible to naked eyes). Sometimes it will subside, never surfacing, or sometimes it will become bigger and pops out to become pimples.


Now normally, after about 20 days; it will go off. But when you use product containing ingredients with higher turnover rate (usually those that has 'anti ageing' properties) it will speed up the skin turnover.

Since human's skin is like 'snake skin' which drops dead cells and need new skin every 21-27 days; those with anti ageing properties such as the ingredients above will speed this up faster. Means that when applying these anti aging ingredients; you skin will ‘bersalin kulit’ faster (skin regenerates faster): like maybe 7-14 days instead of the normal 21-28 days. This will result in the microcomodones being visible and resulting in you seeing small pimples bumps all over the skin (a condition called skin purging)

How Long Is This Purging Condition?

Usually this condition can go on up to 6-8 weeks of using the product. After that you will sort of have a flawless skin:) . However if beyond this you still have this problem; it means your skin is not suitable for this ingredients and its time to move on to another skincare.

But If I Use Natural Product Its Ok Right?

Not really; just because its natural doesn't mean its safe. Sometimes your skin may not be suitable to an ingredients and regardless if its natural or not; if its not suitable; it wont be suitable.
 Example shea butter. it sounds so luxurious and feels great. However; did you know that people who has latex allergy; shea butter its not that compatible to their skin too? So even though its natural; doesnt mean its not safe

What to Do If I Don't Know The Ingredients Is Safe Or Not?

The best thing to do is to do an allergy test immediately once you get the product and before you apply it everywhere. Heres an article showing you how to do an allergy test every time you get new product (regardless its natural or commercial always do one!)

How to lessen this condition?

This acne purging usually happens depending on the ‘strength of product’ ie the more ‘dose’ the is or higher concentration; the higher the chances this will happen. What you can do is to use it ‘sparingly’ the first month of using these products. Instead of using it twice daily, maybe only use it alternate days for a month. When you use it like this; the skin would still have these microcomodones etc; only because its ‘slower’ in skin regeneration; you wont see you face all ‘pimply’ immediately. Of course by doing this you wont get the full benefit of the product too. But its better slow than getting those bumps right:)

Hope you found this beneficial. Let me know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading;

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