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DIY Hibiscus & Fresh Bamboo Pain Management Gel With Nice Smell Recipe

Good morning guys.
Today ill share with you a recipe on how to make gel for pain management.
As mentioned yesterday; menthol is one of the natural ingredient that can be used to ‘trick’ skin to divert pain. Click here to read the article i wrote about how would menthol help in period pain management.

So anyways; for today; ive come up with a recipe on how to make a pain management gel that doesnt have unpleasent smell.

As you know in Malaysia; we just love our minyak ‘angin’. However though; these minyak angins can have unpleasent smell and though its ‘ok’ to use it at normal times; i know that people dont like to use it in the office. 

I mean who would want to walk around in a professional office and ‘announce’ your arrival with the smell from minyak cap kapak or yu yee? That is so unprofessional!

So here it is; a pain gel that smells so fresh; its almost like perfume:-)
The best time to use this pain gel is for period cramps, back ache, heel ache (from heels) and after working out.

We are using the aloe vera gel base from SoapLab that is for sensitive skin, and added in hibiscus to soothe inflamed skin. 

Hibiscus is great as moisture retainer. Therefore when applied on skin; it will make sure that skin locks the moisture so that it doesnt escape from skin; resulting in moist skin. 

When using menthol as a cooling agent in this gel; there is high chance that the skin would become dry with multiple usage. This is where hibiscus and aloe vera comes in to retain moisture. In this way; the skin continues to be moisturized and less chances of skin ‘burning’ that tends to happen because of over usage of menthol 

Who Should Use This Gel?

  1. People with pain (neck, stomach, back, legs)
  2. People with sensitive skin
  3. People who don’t like the smell of normal minyak angin
  4. People who the skin gets ‘burn’ easily with normal pain gels.
  5. Kids above 5 years old and pregnant women 

Who Should Not Use This:

  1. Kids below 5 years old (can get too cold)
  2. People who have known allergic to the ingredients used
  3. People who are allergic to aloe vera

Recipe To Make (100g Healing Gel)

  1. 100g SoapLab’s Aloe Vera Gel Base 
  2. 0.5g Hibiscus Extract    
  3. 1g Fresh BambooFragrance Oil 
  4. 1g Menthol Crystal

Video How To Make:

Download PDF Recipe

Purchase Ingredients To Make:

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