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Period Pain? Make Menthol Products

Hi good morning guys. Few days ago; a customer asked me if there was a natural solution to period pain. And at that time; i was like ermm.. use pain killer. And she was like; no. I need something ‘natural’.

It just didn’t occur to me that she wanted some ‘natural’ application, not something to consume. 
Truthfully; i have been blessed with ‘the-not-much-period-pain’ symptoms all my life. But ive known friends who needed to take the day off every single month and it can be quite ‘disturbing’ in normal daily life routine.

As a pharmacist; we usually just give pain killer when one comes with this problem. Ponstan or any mefenemic acid three times a day every month and the pain will ‘magically’ disappear. 

It just havent occured to me that with the knowledge i have; i can create something more natural! what if; i created something thats more to divert the ‘pain’ from surface ie via application! 

And in order to do that; we need to learn the pathways of pain. Only by knowing these pathways one can figure out how to ‘divert’ it.

Lets see how period pain happens?

Menstrual cramps:

One of the main reason why menstrual cramps happens is because during period; the uterus is contracting. 

In order to expell out the uterus lining every month (when we are not concieving); the uterus have to contract. It has to ‘kembang and kecup’ and that is how the lining and blood will move down our body; forming menstrual. Because of this contractio; you have the pain. 

Depending of how strong the contraction is; thats how the pain intensity would be. It can be mild for some people; or it can be like longer pain for others.

How pain happens?

There are two ways pain can happen (actually more but im just gona write about two ways). Let me explain it as layman as possible. Theres chronic pain; and there is acute pain. 

Acute pain is usually more faster. Example like if you get cut or something; you will immediately feel the  sharp pain immediately; causing you to pull yourself out of ‘danger’. Its usually short term.

Initially it would be sharp pain; but after that; the pain will be slightly dispersed and will not be as ‘painful’ as how initially it was. This is when ‘chronic’ pain happens. 

Chronic pain is usually longer and at times you cant pin point where the pain is. This is how menstrual cramps is. There is no specific site of pain. You just know its the stomach area that is painful. But which or where; you have no idea. 

How Would Menthol Work.

Ive seen so many period cramp products in amazon that uses menthol that i feel like making one too.

Upon studying; it makes sense why one uses menthol as natural pain reliever. 

Menthol is naturally available from mint and depending on how much you put in your product; it would create different cooling sensation. However; putting too much can cause skin issues or ‘burning’ too; so becareful of that!.

Now back to how menthol works: When applying menthol to the body; it provides ‘cold feeling; distrubing the temperature receptor on skin. 

When this happens; it ‘activates’ the acute pain pathway. 

During this time; the ‘brain’ will forget everything and all the other ‘pain’ coz they have to focus on this more ‘acute’ pain. 

And so because of that; menthol is used to apply on skin to ‘divert’ the cramps from period.

It wont last long though; as in acute pain; its probably only for few hours; and then the brain will know that this is a ‘trick’ or its not ‘life threathening’ and so it goes back to the ‘chronic pain’.

Therefore if you are using menthol as your solution for menstrual cramp; you will have to reapply in different areas of the stomach each time so that this ‘diversion’ works.

Also; you have to make sure that the product that you are using is mild enough for skin because if not; you will ‘burn’ your skin.

Tomoro; ill share with you a recipe on how to make these:-) 

Till then; thank you for reading and im sorry if this is so sciency:-( 

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