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How I Started Making Natural Soap Base

Few years ago; when i started SoapLab; we were only selling materials to make soap from scratch. Specifically Cp and HP soap made using lye and natural oils like coconut, and olive.

However; few months into it; many people requested for us to sell melt and pour soap base. It was easier to make and since it didn’t require handling lye; it was safer too especially for houses with kids.

Unfortunately though; at that time i didn’t realize that the soap-bases that we were getting from factory were made using SLS and SLES and Alcohol! All of those soap-bases was labelled as natural but actually was no different with the regular bar soap. Only thing was; it was added glycerin in and so it could be sold at 10X more expensive than a regular commercial bar soap!

I was devastated. And i still remember during that time; i had WhatsApp each and every customer i sold the base to and had given them a refund/ voucher for future purchase.

During that time; i was really down. How could i be so stupid not to check first:-( luckily we were small back then and only sold for few months (less than 50kg of it) and so i could still manage it.

After that; i just continued selling on CP & HP Soap material. However, due to constant encouragement from our customers; they had brought out my inner scientist to try making my own soap base.

After few failed attempt, and constant studying of patents; i finally found a ‘secret’ recipe to make the soap base. From there; I had release the SLS & SLES Free soap-base (the first generation). Although it was alcohol free; it still have some mild surfactant to give the whole foamy feeling. It was perfect for all skin type.

But i was still not satisfied. 

Because i really wanted something that was similar to cold process soap. 

And so after a year: we created the 100% Natural Soap base in house! It was one of the best feeling when i saw the base melting just like a MP soap but had all the quality from a cold process soap! Really! 

And now; after close to 3 years; we have sold tonnes of them worldwide. Dermatologist and cosmetic surgeons from all over Asia is using them. Most of them who used it on dry eczema skin said it worked really well and helped many of their patients. 

Just imagine, with just a year of R&D; the base have kind of helped thousands of family. What if instead of taking the challenge; i decided to just quit and watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy (which i really really wanted to do while BF my baby that time :-D) When i reflect back; I’m just so glad i didn’t quit! 

And so the moral of the story is: don’t quit! Happy Thursday you guys. 

For those who wants to read the experiments i did back then; click here, and here.


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