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Vitamin C mandarin Orange Body Wash DIY At Home

Hi good morning guys; today ill be sharing with you a recipe on how to make body wash thats filled with vitamin c

As you know; mandarin orange are main fruit used during Chinese new year and so in conjunction to CNY 2020; we decided to make body wash and body cream using mandarin orange!

Mandarin oranges are filled with vitamins and the most abundant ones are vitamin C.

Vitamin C are anti oxidants and in this body wash; the percentage that we added into this body wash is clinically proven to lighten scars that are mostly from dry itchy skin!

Perfect for someone with sensitive skin or other problematic skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis!

You can read more about vitamin C in this article ive written previously (click here)

Who should Use This Body Wash?

  1. people with sensitive skin
  2. People with itchy skin disease like eczema or psoriasis
  3. People with scars from itchy skin condition (may help lighten with long usage)
  4. Babies above 6 months old & pregnant women
  5. People with normal to dry skin who wants natural solution.

Who Shouldnt Use This Soap

  1. Those who wants fast results (this is natural will take sometime)
  2. Those with known allergies to the ingredients
  3. Those who are active (this soap is very mild. May have to soap yourself more than once) 

Ingredients Needed To Make This Soap:

  1. SoapLab’s Coconut Liquid Soap Base  
  2. Orange Essential Oil
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Saffron Mica
  5. Glycerin

Video On How To Make:

Download Full Recipe:

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