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One of the most frequently asked question by our customers who wants to start their business is this: what if people don't like their product? 

What if after putting their heart and soul into R&D and making one of the most ‘perfect’ product; they cant sell it😓

Well.. the truth is no matter what internet guru says (mostly say how easy just take a product and sell online); its only easy to sell if you have a product people wants. If not; no matter what you do or whatever sale promotion you do; no one is gonna buy it.

So how to check? The easiest way; is to do ‘market validation’.

Now since we are all small company; and if you are doing this part time: you are probably only looking to make extra 5-10k a month;you only need 100 customers buying rm100 a month from you! You have more than that many friends in ur fb account / office/ gym friends! 

That is your ‘market’ and just simply ask them; whats the problem they are having? Do a questionnaire if you need (you can either do it formally or verbally over lunch) 

Now when you ask people these kind of open ended questions; many will tell you different-different things. Its ok! 

Later on; when you compile your data; you will realize you can group them. And from there; you can develop a product specifically for them.

But I Dont Know How To Make!

Now another concern our customers have is how they will make these products? Thats why in @soaplabmalaysia; we have more than 400+ recipes for different conditions that you can follow (for FREE). Or if you want to make something uniquely yours; we have formulation classes that teaches you how to make them from scratch. 

Or if you really dont have time to make; thats where Fresshhh by SoapLab comes in. Every week fresshh makes new product. You could just get them in bigger quantity and sell (put your own brand if you want) since we do sell it in 5pcs and 10 pcsa as well. If after that you know you can sell it; you could always make it in larger quantity with us (OEM): its cheaper! 

So as you can see; there is no reason for you not to start. Over the years ive listen to my market place (you guys) and ive come up with solutions (as above). And thats how you guys can do it too💪🏻 i know you can😊 its wether you want to or not! 

Good luck!


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