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How To Make Exfoliating Toner using Juniper Extract

Hi good morning guys; today ill be sharing with you on how to make exfoliating toner using juniper extract.
As you know; I’ve been recently obsessed with wanting to have ‘glass skin’. Glass skin is a new trend now mostly done by Koreans. Its a type of skin that looks smooth and pore less, and its a little shinny & definitely looks very very healthy.

Healthy skin usually don’t require any make up; or its very minimal. And so me being me (I’m very lazy and so i only give myself 2 mins to put on make up:-D) this is a perfect type of skin for me.
When more reading; it turns out that it has roughly 10 steps of cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing routine (so much for wanting to be lazy:-)

But mainly; its all about exfoliating dead skin, and moisturizing as much as possible. 

Last week; i shared with you how to make a facial cleanser thats high in anti oxidant; and also helps in reducing scars and pigmentation. Click here to read the recipe.

So the cleanser basically cleanse; but at the same time its mild so it doesn’t strip away the natural oils on skin; therefore the skin can maintain its moisture.

This week; lets talk about the next step; exfoliating (actually the first step is oil cleansing, then the cleanser last week; only then is this toner. Ill be doing the oil cleanser recipe soon!)

This toner is a toner base thats now available in SoapLab. Its manufactured by us (and so we know the ingredient that is inside); and we have added glycolic acid; a natural AHA that helps in softening dead cells and remove them when applied on skin.

One of the reason why we don’t encourage you to DIY your own glycolic toner is because glycolic is a cosmeceutical. It means that like pharmaceutical ingredients; if we put too little of it; it may not work. But if we put more than recommended amount; it may give side effects. Besides; it needs a proper balance for PH etc. 

Since our home digital scale and other equipments are not really accurate; i wouldn’t advice you to make these on your own. Ill be writing more about glycolic acid soon.

So anyways; in this toner base; we have also added juniper extracts. Juniper are filled with anti oxidants; and so just like the strawberry its suitable for those with scars and inflamed skin. It also helps in reducing pigmentation. So if you were making the strawberry cleanser recipe from last week; its a perfect combination!

Who Should Use This Toner?

  1. Someone with scars
  2. Someone with pigmentation
  3. Someone with black heads and big pores
  4. Someone who wants to exfoliate.
  5. Someone with oily, combination skin

Who Shouldn’t Use This Toner?

  1. Someone who wants fast results (this is natural and mild)
  2. Someone who has very dry skin (glycolic may not be suitable)
  3. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredient

Recipe To Make 1kg Toner:

  1. 1000g SoapLab’s Toner Base 
  2. 5g Juniper Breeze Fragrance Oil  
  3. 5g Juniper Berry Extract 

Video To Make:

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