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How To Make Hydrating Face Serum (Glass Skin)

Hi good morning guys.

Today we will continue with our next product in our glass skin series.

As you know from my previous two post from this series: im obsessed with korean drama ( crash landing on you) and more than that; ive been obsessed with the actresss’s skin! Since i do make my own skincare; i decided to research the best korean product to give these effects and ive recreated it.
So today; after the brightening cleanser and exfoliating toner, i decided to introduce to you the next product; a serum.

A serum is a product that is water based but contains all the potent cosmeceuticals that does its job.
Most of the time; a water based product contains water and the active ingredients are usually very little. In serum on the other hand, the active ingredients used are cosmeceuticals (ingredients that are studied and tested just like pharmaceutical ingredients) and so we the user know exactly what will happen when a product with these actives are used.

So for the serum today; i decided that i wanted a serum that is potent in hydrating. 

Hydration and moisturization is something that is really essential to achieve the glass skin effect and so for that reason; ive chosen hyaluronic acid as my main ingredient. HA is tested to be more potent in hydrating than any other ingredient. It absorbs water 1000x more than its weight, causing your skin to get instant hydration (it absorbs water from the surrounding)

The extract we are using in this product is a rice extract. This is another ingredient that is famous in korea/ japan today. Rice is like oatmeal. It has the husk thats great for skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema. At the same time; its also great for anti aging and brightening. All in all its a ‘perfect’ secondary ingredinet for this serum and what we want it to do: achieve glass skin and suitable for sensitive skin

As for the scent; we decided to make it floral like so that it gives a ‘nice’ finishing touch:) 

Who is this serum for?

  1. Someone with scars & dry spots
  2. Someone who wants anti aging product
  3. Someone who needs skin with extra hydration & glow
  4. Someone with dry & sensitive skin. Oily skin can use too.

Who should not use this serum

  1. Someone who wants fast results (this is natural and mild)
  2. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredient

Ingredients to make 1kg serum 

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum Base
  2. 5g Rice Extract
  3. 5g ylang, rose jasmine scent

Video to make serum

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