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How To Make Soap That Kills The Corona Virus

Hi guys. following my previous post on how soap kills the virus; i decided to create a simple method to make this soap.

So as mentioned in previous post; soaps are actually more effective in 'killing' the virus as compared to alcohol because of its capsules that is made from lipid. in order to disinfect it, all you need to do is create something that penetrates the lipid/ break its bond and you kind of already kill it.

Any soap will do this trick; but if you are someone who is allergic to using too much of commercial soap; whereby you get dry flaky hands; then its probably a good idea to make your own soap.

There are two methods you could use to make your soap. one of the traditional DIY way is by making cold process soap. in cold process soap; you make soaps from scratch using lye and natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil and so on. This is unfortunately not really 'good' for someone who is a newbie. 

But if you are not; you can always check out ways to make cold process soap here. Ill be sharing another post on how to make cold process soap in the future.

For this time though; i would like to teach you how to make soap using melt and pour method.
This soap; just like what its call; it's literally 'melt' and 'pour'. 

Its soap base thats ready; where you will melt it, and pour it into a mold, and wait for it to 'set' (about 1-2 hours) and you can use it right away.

Choose SoapBase:

There are many bases available in the market; however make sure when you want to make a 'sensitive skin' soap as we are doing today; try to find one that only uses natural oils and not some strong ingredients like SLS (sodium laureth sulphate) as this is one of the culprit that dries off your hand.

Like for us; we prefer to use our very own natural soap base made from coconut oil and olive oil. In SoapLab; using my knowledge as a pharmacist; i had invented our own Soapbase years ago. heres an article you could read to find out the experiment and journey we went thru during the R& D phase.

So anyways; once you have chosen your soapbase;

Choose Extracts

Next you choose your scent; and other additives that you would like to add. Some would love to add a lot of other extracts like aloe vera, neem, seaweed, mango and so on. yes you can add them. however, to make sure there isn't any interactions between one extract to another extract; we usually don add more than 2 extracts in the product (any product). 

the rule of thumb is; add only 5% of the extracts in. anything more would reduce the shelf life of your soap base. heres a link to another article that shows how to convert percentage to grams.

For coronavirus; we prefer to use Neem Extract. Click here to read article on how NEEM extract have potential in killing the virus.

Choose Scents

After extract is chosen; next you will choose scent. Scents can come from essential oil, or fragrance oil. Essential oils are more natural whilst fragrance oil are synthetically made. 

Usually people prefer essential oil, however, because its in soap; there is possibility of it being ineffective as essential oil because usually essential oils are very sensitive to light and air. since the soap are 'exposed' its better to not use essential oil in these cases. but really its up to you. heres an article ive written about fragrance vs essential oil for soapmaking

If instead for cost effective reasons you chose to use fragrance oi; use only those that are cosmetic grade and its phthlate free. These are more suitable for sensitive skin. 

Soaplab sells these type of fragrances. If you want to purchase from elsewhere; make sure they are cosmetic grade ones. 

Most of them that are sold in Malaysia are industrial grade, and they are usualy used in burners and aromatherapy. Cosmetic grade ones are not suitable for burners and aromatherapy  

So make sure you don't get something thats use for that (burner & aromatherapy) as these fragrances can exacerbate sensitive skin conditions and worsen it.

Choose Color

After fragrances, you can choose to add in colour. Color is purely for aesthetic purpose. You can opt not to add them in but usually we love to add them coz it makes the soap very attractive:-)

If you want to add color; get colors that are specifically for soap making. 

Using food colorant will stain skin so you really dont want to use them. Colors that are found in SoapLab Malaysia are micas; naturally occurring minerals that are found in volcanic ground. (click here to read)

To add them into soap, simply scoop out the amount needed (depends how intence you want the color to be), dilute it slightly with glycerin, or if you don have glycerin, you can always scoop out a little of the melted soap base to premix the color before adding it into the remaining soap base.

Now the reason we pre-dilute it is so that it doesn't clump up (the color). Just like cooking where we usually pre-dilute corn starch or any other powder; thats exactly what we do with colours or any other powder thats added into the soap as well. Usually we mix one part of the powder with 2-3 part of the liquid.

Ways To Make Soap

Finally; lets make the soap. The way to make it is exactly like the video. 

  1. measure soap needed. usually the way to measure is measure the mold (put water into mold, measure water from mold weight) thats the measurement for each mold. so lets say its 50g. so measure 50g of soap base
  2. cut soapbase. Melt it into a microwave, or double boil it if you dont have microwave
  3. add your prediluted color, fragrance, and extract.
  4. mix and pour into mold
  5. spray rubbing alcohol on top. Optional. if you dont have it ist ok. the reason why we spray alcohol is to ensure there is no bubbles above. purely to get a nice 'straight' line on soap.
  6. leave it to dry. usually takes 1-2 hours
  7. unmold.
  8. ready to use.
Very easy isn't it:-)


heres a video on how to make it.


Heres a simple recipe to make 100g of soap;
  1. 100g SoapLab's Natural Coconut Soap Base
  2. 5g Any fragrance or Essential Oil of Choice
  3. 1g color (optional)
  4. 5g Neem Extract (Daun Semambu) or any Extract of Choice

Other Recipes

Click here to view more recipes using these soap base. Use code FREERECIPE to get the recipes for free

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