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Thinking Of Making Extra Income But Don't Know How? Read This First

ESBI. The chart that changed my way of looking at Income
It was year 2008 when my dear friend Ivory brought me to a game nite; playing the cashflow board game.

Cash flow board game is a board game by Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) that teaches us to think about how to ‘earn’ money.

I thought work hard = more money

During that time, i always thought there was only one way to make money: and that is to work. You spend more time; you work harder, you get more. 

It was the same when work as a pharmacist (thats what i did) and it was the same for my parents who are business owners of furniture shop in the kampungs. The more you work; the more income you get. 

I never gave it another thought and just got into that pathway (something thats call the rat race) 

Yes ive seen those huge corporations; with big multinational companies; but even that i always thought the owners & family are working hard.

I Survived Only 6 Days!

Then i went to this game; and everything changed! 

I played it just like how i would do in my life (like what i was taught); and suddenly during the game session; they said all the participants were retrenched: and see how long can one survive financially. 

I was the loser: among 200+ participant; i was the last. I could only survive 6 days! 

I went back home thinking how? HOW! 

Im doing what im taught and i cant survive?? 

Reading Cashflow Quadrant

It got me curious; and i started reading. And thats when i came across this diagram: the ESBI

E; represents employee. Someone who gets paid for their knowledge and time. The more you work; the more you get

S; represents self employees. Someone who have their own ‘business’ but its usually by themself; or few staff. But mostly the whole busienss depends on them and the time spent on that business

Then there is another two:
B: business that has a system where the owner have to do minimal work. The system works for them (ie they have departments and people in charge etc)

I: represents investors. Something that doesnt require you to put any effort and you are getting the money or income monthly/ annually.

When i saw this; i was like wow! And i studied all the quadrants.

How Coronavirus Affected All Quadrants

Now many heard this before; and i think you’ve seen it during this coronavirus season; you have no control over your ‘financial’ life when you are a Employee, or self employed. 

Everything is at the employers mercy, and for self employed business (like salon, restaurant owners etc); you are at the mercy of your government. You have the most rules and regulations to follow. And unfortunately; you cant do anything about it!

Malaysian Employees? Lucky!

But having said that; we are still lucky as an employee in Malaysia. Because we have strict rules and our employers cant simply sack people. Its kind of ‘safer’ to be employeed in Malaysia, compared to any part of the world coz employees are well taken care off (if follow the proper way of getting employed)

The one i feel sorry the most for is the self employed business owners in Malaysia. Dah la cant open business, have to pay staff some more😓 My parents and most of my relatives are in this. 

B & I luckiest during Covid

During this time; the ones i feel made money the most; are those in the B and I quadrant; coz the goverment helps them the most. With so many stimulus and ‘discounted rate’ loans; its so easy for them to grow ‘bigger’. 

The I quadrant; its like a discounted bazaar the stock market; and its not even rock bottom low yet! More to come! 

Its true when people say; people who are rich are getting richer, and those poor are getting poorer. 

And this coronavirus season; really shows it all!

As for me; i was always curious about all 4 quadrant and i think regardless of what Robert Kiyosaki says in his cashflow quadrant book; i think there is pros and cons in each; and so in 2012; when i quit my pharmacy job in the government hosp; i decided to do all 4😅 

I Tested Being In All 4 Quadrant.

How? With the 24 hrs a day time i have🤔; 

So heres what i did;

E; i got employed in a local retail pharmacy
S: i teach cosmetic classes on weekend (soap class and lotion class)
B: i set up a small company that my hubby then helped to systemize (so it could work without us there) 
I: we invested every money we have (ikat perut for a while)

Repeat the above.

Its been 7-8 years now; and each quadrant; is giving us something. 

But during this covid time; i feel the most secured in my E, B and I quadrant. 

The S: not so much. Its funny right? In other countries; The E is the most affected; but in Malaysia with our law; E is one of the most secured ones. 


What Would You Do?

look back at the quadrant above; which one are you in currently? 

Most likely; you are in the E, or maybe even in S. 

If you wanted to increase your income; you can either do what everyone else does; 

  1. which is increase your salary by changing jobs (but still be in the E quadrant) or 
  2. you could continue in the current E quadrant you are; and try to get into the other quadrants. 

Each quadrant has different requirements; and so its different ways to deal with it. Lets talk about the time and money required in each quadrant:

So as you can see; if you wanted to increase your income; you will need to choose your quadrant wisely.

To Start Something During Covid Or Not?

During this covid season; i had many asking me how one could increase their income? What they should do; or how to start something.

Truthfully; this is not the time to start anything. People will not buy and if you are someone new; there are many sharks out there waiting to 'ngap' you and kill you.

Looking back at the quadrant above; most requires you to have money; to make money. And this is the time you need to SAVE, not SPEND!

My Purposeless Life

And here i am; during covid MCO; figuring out what i really wanted to do with my life and business. i feel like my life is like a routine:-( and purposeless.

And something unexpected happened. A sister brand that i started for fun in SoapLab ; called Fresshhh did extremely well during this season. It was mind blowing! and we were delivering 100s of parcel a day.

This got me thinking; seriously; i would want to grow that branch of this brand. if there is a demand only then i can sell this much daily! But; i wanted to do it with a purpose.

How You Can Benefit From This?

I put two in two together; and i feel like using Fresshhh; to help bring you guys up too.

Hear me out; its not an MLM offer!

I want to grow the brand; and to do so; i need more customers.

I can find my own customers since the product is that good (from testimonials we got).

But; doing that would mean im doing the same thing over and over.

I get money; i invest; 5 years later, start another and its round and round.

I'll invest and reinvest, but life can be purposeless and mundane if i do that.

So instead; i wanted to bring you guys into this business system thats already set. We have the website set, we have the brand, we have the fulfilment centre, we have the staff to deliver, and we have excellent customer service team that helps after sales service for any queries you or your customers may have.

In return, you got to find the customer and place order for them. and for that; you get a commission (xx.x%) [which is quite high compared to other platforms.] You don't have to keep stocks; you don't have to quit your job, and you don't have to handle employees, tax and paper work that most small business owners are buried in.

Where to find your customers? Well if you are a Fresshhh product user; im sure your friends and family have noticed the difference in you; and how the product have healed you. This is who you can start placing order for.

And since fresshhh comes up with new product every week; you can resell to them! getting 20 repeating customer a month makes you RM 500++ profit already!

These are all good and effective; affordable daily use product!

I Dont Need The Money

Even if you don't need the money; consider doing this so that you can get into the next quadrant.

Your salary currently its probably sufficient for your lifestyle. Doing this fresshhh; will help you to invest in the I quadrant. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. This is what you can try to go for:-)

And if you are not interested in being an agent forever and want your own business; you can!!

Coz you know how transparent and generous we are; all these products has recipes that we are giving you for FREE!

you can try selling some via Fresshhh first and later; if you wanted; you can create your own brand with the recipes we give!

Hell we can even manufacture the same thing for you if you wanted!

We are currently recruiting agents. And if you are interested you can become one below (the RM 50 is refundable. We didn't want to give it for free coz then everyone will sign up and use discount for themselves and we wouldn't know who is serious. The RM 50 is refundable after purchasing RM 350 above within this year (cumulative)).

For more info about being Fresshhh Distributor; can click here.

You can sign up below (But its currently only for existing Fresshhh users!). 

P/S: we are no longer taking dropshippers. However, we do sell Fresshhh products in Bulk which you could relabel to your own brand. If interested can Contact us here  for more info

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