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How To Make Ginseng Youth Preserve Water Cream

Months ago; SoapLab came up with glass skin series. Its a series whereby i was inspired to get 'glass' skin looking skin after watching a korean drama called 'Crash landing On You'. I just loved the flawless skin the actors had (yes women and man) and i really wanted that skin. I mean who wouldnt! its flawless, and best of all; ill never need to put on make up! save me so much of money! (hehee).
So anyways; since then; ive been 'studying' and found out there are 10 products need to be used to get the glass skin.

Each product contains different concentrated cosmetic ingredients that gives one benefit. Yes only one! unlike the western cosmetics where one product does all; Korean products usually only do 1; maks 2 things. So if you wanted the full range benefit; you got to use all.
As a formulator; i love this idea of getting one product to do one thing. Reason; coz i could use higher dosage of an ingredient in the product. If lets say i was to create a product that does lots of things; with lots of ingredients; ive got to reduce the amount added to make sure the ingredients doesnt react with each other. Plus it reduces the shelf life of the product. So instead; this works better: 1 ingredient in one product.
So anyways; heres wht we have done so far for glass skin series:

Strawberry Brightening Facial Wash

Function: to brighten skin. and its a mild cleanser so that it doesnt remove skin's natural oil. Most cleansers are harsh; and removes skin natural oils; causing the skin to produce more oil; creating 'oily' skin feeling. but its only oily on the surface while internally your skin is drying up! so this cleanser; it avoids all that and its very mild. Specifically made for people with sensitive skin.

2. Juniper Berry Exfoliating Toner

Function: to remove dead skin. When using this toner; it will remove all the dead and old skin one has created almost daily on their skin. By removing these dead skin; you sort of prepare your skin like a 'blank' canvas so that it can absorb whatever else you are adding in via serum/ moisturiser etc

3. Pomegranate Brightening Essence

Function: This product was made to brighten and lighten scars and pigmentation. Most of us after a certain age will start to have pigmentation. Staying in this hot climate doesnt help as well:-( so this essence is filled with niacinamide (highest dose) ( an ingredient mostly use to lighten scars; used by big major companies like sk2 in their whitening range!). It will help to reduce your scars and pigmentation and lighten your skin! studies shows (and some testimonials from Fresshhh users shows) that they could see visible results in 12 weeks!

4. Rise & Rose Hydrating Serum

Function: Rice and Rose serum is a super duper moisturising serum! Using hyaluronic acid (concentrated); it helps in attracting water vapour from surrounding to give one a plump and hydrating face! testimonials from fresshhh users mentioned that they could see visible results in like 3 days! 3 days!!

5. Green Tea Anti Oxidant Face Oil

Function: If you have normal to dry skin; you should use this product! Made using 100% oil; which are all light weight; its perfect for normal to dry skin. We have also added green tea inside; and anti oxidant thats use to fight free radicals (from the sun and UV) to reduce signs of aging. Besides; now that coronavirus is here and we need to wear face mask; this oil helps to create a barrier between the mask; our smelly mouth & nose and our skin--> resulting in protection from breakouts and mask marks!

And finally today; we have the water cream!

Water cream is in between gel moisturiser and cream. Its water based just like the gel moisturiser; but its not as sticky as gel moisturiser. Plus these gel moisturisers usually dont last becasue the water evaporates; so you kind of need to reapply every 2 hours! Cream moisturisers on the other hand are better because they last long (thanks to the oils in it). Unfortunately; it can feel 'heavy' and sticky in this weather.

So what i did was to create a water cream! its in between both. It looks heavy and thick like cream; but when applied; it will melt on the skin and within 5-10 minutes you will feel everything is absorbed!

In this we also added ginseng extract. Ginseng is used for years in Asia as an anti aging ingredient. It just makes most sense that we added these into our latest product for anti aging! 

Ive also added allantoin into this cream. Reason is because its a very moisturising ingredient and its also a keratolytics. When applied; it fills skin with 'water' causing skin to expand and become smooth. If you already have wrinkles; you will feel the noticable difference in 2- 3 weeks! 
On top of that; its also for wound healing. So if you had scars; or UV 'injury' aka sunburn; this will promote healing faster resulting in slowing down sign of aging. Ill talk more scienticially about how allontoin works in the next post; but for now know this; its perfect as anti aging ingredient when added together with ginseng:-)

Who Should Use This Product:

  1. Someone with sensitive skin
  2. All skin types including Oily skin, and Dry skin (if you have very dry skin; use this with the Green tea Face Oil)
  3. Someone who wants the best of both world: Gel Moisturiser and Cream Moisturiser.
  4. Someone who is 27 years old and above (To reduce Aging SKin)
  5. Someone who stays in hot climate like Malaysia and needs something for wrinkle and pigmentation.

Who Shouldnt Use This Product?

  1. Those who wants fast results (we are using natural based ingredient here so the results will be slow)
  2. Someone who has known allergic to the ingredients.

Recipe To Make 1kg

  1. 1kg SoapLab's Water Cream Base
  2. 20g Ginseng Extract
  3. 20g Allantoin
  4. 5g Scent of Choice

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