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5% Pine Tar Body Cleanser For Psoriasis & Eczema. How To Make.

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Ever since coronavirus pandemic started; we have all been 'nicely' sitting at home. supposedly enjoying home cook food and have a really nice clean air. Thats what it feels like in Malaysia after a month. By right; if you had any skin diseases; it should reduce by now.

But surprisingly; working in the pharmacy; ive never never seen more skin issues! Almost daily; i have like 2-30 people saying how they have this itch thats radiating; unknown from where. Steroid creams are flying off the shelf like nobody's business:-(

If you take a step back and look at it; it just doesn't make sense rite? But it does! coz even after eating healthier food and having a cleaner environment; there is one thing that these people haven't change; their soap!

Did you know that those soap free soap, ph 5.5 soaps are actually not soap? They are surfactants filled with SLS and SLES. Now i don't have anything against these surfactants as they are very good in 'cleansing'.

But if lets say you are 'doing nothing' and are just sitting at home in this clean 'air' during MCO; do you really need high cleansing soap? want to clean what! and so coz of that; these soap free soaps; stips off your natural oil; causing rashes and extreme dryness.

Like for me; to top with that; during this MCO I'm very stressed. Thinking bout the future of the company, about the country. It feels like the whole world's burden is on my shoulder.

So what happens? Jeng jeng jeng; my psoriosis comes back!

Psoriosis is a layer of white dead skin thats found on your skin. i get it on my scalp and my elbows. in order to get rid of it; ill have to exfoliate and keep my skin moist. Click here to read more about psoriasis.

One of the way; to change my soap. secondly to treat it, and thirdly to apply moisturiser/ oil (i prefer oil/ ointment at night)

and so this weekend; I'm going to make myself the best smelly remedy i can do; Pine Tar body cleanser!

Pine tar is used traditionally and in modern medicine to treat psoriasis, eczema and any other itchy skin symptoms. one can use 1-5% of pine tar in their products. Click here on usage of pine tar in skin problem.

Im going all out and using 5%. Heres the recipe on how to make 5%body cleanser:

Who Should Use This Product?

  1. People with psoriosis
  2. people with eczema
  3. people with any itchy / red skin condition

Who Shouldnt Use This?

  1. Someone who sweats a lot (as this is a mild soap.you may need to double cleanse)
  2. Someone with known allergies to the ingredients
  3. Someone who wants fast effect. this is natural product it may take some time. 

Ingredient List Makes 1kg Body Cleanser:

  1. 1kg SoapLab's Coconut Liquid Soap
  2. 50g 100% Pine Tar (melt with 50g of Hydrogenated Castor Oil)
  3. 50g Scent of choice (i like smoky smell like sandalwood, frankinsence, cedarwood with this)

How To Make:

  1. Heat up pine tar in microwave/ double boiler till it melts
  2. add into liquid soap.
  3. add scent and mix.
  4. Its ready to use

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