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How To Make Luminous Glow-y Face Mist (Glass Skin Series)

hi guys. so today ill be showing you how to make the 8th product from the glass skin series: The Luminous Glow-y Face Mist!

(But just before that; if you have missed all our other glass skin series; click here to read the recipes)

As you know face mist is a product used to 'set' make up, and for you to carry around with you in your handbag when you need a quick fix during the day.

Most of the face mist in the market is 100% water based product. therefore its absorbed fast and you can go along with the day.

Me however; don't really like them that way because the faster the water absorb (or evaporate actually), the more it gives my face a 'tight' feeling. Definitely not so great to be used on dry skin like mine.

That is when i found another formula to make these face mist. During my research' to achieve the glass skin series; i found out that in order to get the glowy look, most of the face mist was incorporated with light botanical oils and extracts. some even had hyaluronic acid to increase the moisture on the face.

And that is what we will be doing today!

I just got my bottle of pure olive squalene shipped in and i had done formulation based on that.

If you dont already know; olive squalene is probably one of the most most expensive oils you can find in the world! it costs more than few thousands for a kilo of this oil. Whats so special about it? Well, its originally from sharks oil. Squalene is similar in composition to human oil. which means; when you apply on skin; its immediately feels like your own skin's oil. Unlike all the other type of oils; you may feel oily, sticky and so on when you apply them, but not squalene.

Since its originally from shark's oil, i couldn't take it since im a vegetarian and i would like to only use vegetarian oils. Thats when i found out that similarly; olive oil has squalene too; and so i found olive squalene which is cost a bomb! (way more than the shark's squalene). But its ok! At least we are not killing any sharks on getting beautiful skin. Its worth it. Takpe if mahal!

So anyways; ive also added hyaluronic acid in this formulation so that we could get a nice added moisture absorption.

Ive also added some botanical extracts that are anti oxidants so that it when using this face mist during the day, it will repair our skin of any redness or itchiness and protectection from sun burn.

Who Should Use This Product?

  1. People with Normal to Dry Skin
  2. People With Sensitive Skin
  3. People With Skin Allergies like itchy or red skin
  4. People who are in air cond area all day.
  5. People Who Is Out all Day (away from their skin care)
  6. People Who Needs Regular Skin Fix
  7. People Who Wants Extra Glowy effect all day long

Who Shouldnt Use This Product

  1. People who have known allergic to the ingredients. 

Heres how i made this face mist:

Recipe for 1kg:

  1. Hyaluronic acid Serum Base 100g
  2. Aloe Vera Extract (liquid) 200g
  3. Olive Squalene 50g
  4. Jojoba Oil 50g
  5. Hydrgenated Castor Oil 100g
  6. Scent of choice 10g
  7. Germal Plus 50g 
  8. Distilled water qs to 1000g 

How To Make

  1. Measure all ingredients
  2. Mix well the olive squalene and hydrogenated castor oil
  3. mix mixture of oil into the other ingredients. mix well
  4. pour into mist spray bottle
  5. Ready to use. Shake Before each use.

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