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How To Make Face Mask For Exfoliating & Brightening (Papaya & Citurs Face Mask)

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Today we will be continuing with our glass skin series product. This will be the 7th product and this time we will be making a face mask!

But before that; lets recap what we have done so far:

1. Strawberry Brightening Facial Wash

Function: to brighten skin. and its a mild cleanser so that it doesnt remove skin's natural oil. Most cleansers are harsh; and removes skin natural oils; causing the skin to produce more oil; creating 'oily' skin feeling. but its only oily on the surface while internally your skin is drying up! so this cleanser; it avoids all that and its very mild. Specifically made for people with sensitive skin.

2. Juniper Berry Exfoliating Toner

Function: to remove dead skin. When using this toner; it will remove all the dead and old skin one has created almost daily on their skin. By removing these dead skin; you sort of prepare your skin like a 'blank' canvas so that it can absorb whatever else you are adding in via serum/ moisturiser etc

3. Pomegranate Brightening Essence

Function: This product was made to brighten and lighten scars and pigmentation. Most of us after a certain age will start to have pigmentation. Staying in this hot climate doesnt help as well:-( so this essence is filled with niacinamide (highest dose) ( an ingredient mostly use to lighten scars; used by big major companies like sk2 in their whitening range!). It will help to reduce your scars and pigmentation and lighten your skin! studies shows (and some testimonials from Fresshhh users shows) that they could see visible results in 12 weeks!

4. Rise & Rose Hydrating Serum

Function: Rice and Rose serum is a super duper moisturising serum! Using hyaluronic acid (concentrated); it helps in attracting water vapour from surrounding to give one a plump and hydrating face! testimonials from fresshhh users mentioned that they could see visible results in like 3 days! 3 days!!

5. Green Tea Anti Oxidant Face Oil

Function: If you have normal to dry skin; you should use this product! Made using 100% oil; which are all light weight; its perfect for normal to dry skin. We have also added green tea inside; and anti oxidant thats use to fight free radicals (from the sun and UV) to reduce signs of aging. Besides; now that coronavirus is here and we need to wear face mask; this oil helps to create a barrier between the mask; our smelly mouth & nose and our skin--> resulting in protection from breakouts and mask marks!

6. Ginseng Youth Preserving Water Cream

Function: This water cream's texture is like a gel but its actually a cream! so its not as sticky as a gel; and its not as oily like a regular cream! this water cream is suitable for our hot climate and can be used day and night. We have added ginseng into it; therefore its suitable as an anti aging water cream. Use this if you are 27 years old and above!

And so for now; we are making a face mask that both exfoliates; and cleanses. Few weeks ago i asked this question in our social media (Facebook & Instagram) and i did a poll to find out what kind of mask would you guys like: something thats moisturising, or something thats deep cleansing; exfoliating type. And despite being a strong contender; the exfoliating mask won! 

The thing is; to get glowing glass skin; two of the most important thing is: you must Exfoliate (remove dead skin) and you must moisturises (so that skin becomes glowy). Out of all the products that we made above; only the Juniper Berry Exfoliating Toner exfoliates; whicle the other moisturises and brightens. 

So because of that; based on the results in the poll; and what i personally 'feel'; we are going with the exfoliating mask.

This mask will be made into 'creamy' texture; with French green clay (that soothes inflamed skin and redness). Since we will be adding AHA from natural sources like glycolic acid (cane sugar), Ascorbic Acid (vitamin c found in citrus), and Papaya Extract (from papaya obviously :-D, along with vitamins like vitamin E and B5, the skin might sting a little (especially if you use it for more than 15 minutes) therefore the french green clay is there to 'soothe' your skin. you can click here to read more about clays and vitamin C

The burning sensation or sting feeling is quite common for exfoliating masks. The reason; because the ingredients are working by 'melting' the dead skin on your skin; and eventually this will cause some sort of burning sensation. if the feel is not tolerable; use this product only once a week and make sure you only use it for 5-7 minutes each time (instead of normal 15 minutes). 

So heres those who will benefit from this mask:

Who Should Use This Mask?

  1. Someone with scars
  2. Someone with pigmentation
  3. Someone with black heads and big pores
  4. Someone who wants to exfoliate.
  5. Someone who wants to deep cleanse.

Who Shouldn’t Use This Mask?

  1. Someone who wants fast results (this is natural and mild)
  2. Someone who has very very dry skin (glycolic may not be suitable). If you have dry skin/ sensitive skin you can use this mask but at shorter time frame. 
  3. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredient

Recipe To Make 1kg Of This Mask:

  1. 600g SoapLab’s Jojoba Lotion Base 
  2. 100g French Green Clay 
  3. 300g Kaolin Clay
  4. 1g Red Ruby Grapefruit Fragrance Oil  
  5. 5g Papaya Extract 
  6. 50g Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  7. 10g Vitamin E
  8. 5g D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
  9. 30g Glycolic Acid 
  10. 30g Glycerin 

Video How To Make:

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