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How To Make: Seaweed & Mint Hair Serum For Hair Growth

 Hi good morning.

Today i would like to show you how to easily make a hair serum that is perfect for those who has hair loss.

As you can see in this article before; hair loss thats not due to hormonal issue is actually reversible.

Most common hair loss issue expecially for those thats not going through menapouse is usually because of wrong usage of product and using a strong hair care product that messes up with the scalp.

Even i didnt really know this till not too long ago but apparently; your scalp is the thing that needs to be washed! not your hair. click here to read previous article on this

Scalp is alive just like our skin therefore using something thats contains strong surfactant (like most commercial shampoo out there) will dry up the scalp; causing it to be weak and eventually more hair drop.

Hair on the other hand doesn't require much washing. it needs conditioning and weekly moisturising mask to keep it shinny and healthy. so for hair; dont shampoo it; condition it instead. Thats why using both shampoo on scalp and conditioner on hair is important.

Now if you are someone who already use commercial shampoo and now you want to reverse it; then use a mild sulphate free shampoo (like using soaplab's Sulphate Free Shampoo Base), and after that re-moisturise your scalp (from the drying of commercial shampoo) using a serum.

Lately; ive been reading a lot of studies on how hyaluronic acid helps in regrowing hair and if you are someone who wants to grow long hair; HA shows promising results.

Even for me personally; i chopped off my hair short and noticed an increment of 1 inch per month of growth in my hair! its been 3 months and I've cut my hair twice! 

Additionally; in this recipe ive added seaweed as well. Seaweed is traditionally believed to increase hair growth as well. And due to its minerals content; it also great for those with troubled scalp like dandruff, itch etc. Click here to read more about it

Now to get on with our recipe; heres the ingredients needed to make them:

Ingredients To Make 1kg

  1. 1kg SoapLab's Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  2. 50g Pure Soaplab's Seaweed Extract
  3. 30g Menthol Crystal 
  4. 50g Peppermint Essential Oil

How To Make?

  1. Prepare Ingredients
  2. Mix all in sterile condition
  3. Pour into container
  4. Use daily on scalp.

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