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Ingredient Spotlight: Pennywort Extract (Gotu Kola/ Pegaga)


Ever since i started finding out about all the asian herbs and what it does; ive been more and more impressed with everything i read.

Just like everyone else; ive always thought that the ‘western’ herbs and fruits are impressive and probably with the marketing that most cosmetic companies from there does; we tend to think its superior.

Besides rice extracts and neem extracts; i never really gave asian herbs second thought. 

It wasnt till late last year when i forced myself to study more about the phytochemical of the asian herbs and found out how awesome our herbs are! 

Although there is lack of studies on these herbs; but whatever ive found so far is just so impressive.

And one such herbs; is the Pegaga (pennywort/ Gotu Kola).

Apparently in China; its called the elixer of life; while in India its mainly used to treat viral disease, skin disease, and women fertility issue. 

Now if these two of the largest asia country are already using it; of course using this wide found plant in Malaysia must be really great. So heres what science have found so far about it:


Saponins (Triterpinoids)

This was found to be useful for wound healing


This was found to be useful for neurological and Central nervous system (CNS) related diseases.


This was for antifetility like activity


Anti oxidants that reduces redness


Neutralizes free radicals.


This was found to have steroid like anti inflammatory activity

So what It means to skin?

Now that we know what the phytochemistry means; lets look at how it works on the skin.

As you can see above using Pegaga Extract would be great on making products for conditions such as below:

  1. Eczema
  2. Psoriosis 
  3. Any skin Disease thats inflammed/ itchy or red.
  4. Healing Wounds
  5. Acne
  6. Scars
  7. Anti Aging.
Thats quite a lot of product isnt it :-D.

Whats My View On Using This Extract?

For me; based on whatever ive read so far; it looks like a promising herbs and therefore there shouldnt be any harm in adding them into your DIY cosmetics. 

However though; there is no direct studies to determine what the dosage should be etc therefore; i would advice to use it as directed by your supplier. Do not exceed the dose as different supplier would have different potency level (some are diluted some are pure so always ask your supplier!)

Other than that; i think its great and so do add them into your products:-)

Tomoro ill share with you a recipe on how to use this extract in your skincare. So do check us back tomoro:-)


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