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Free Recipe: Pegaga Face Serum (Centella Asiatica/ Gotu Kola) For Aging & Acne Skin


Hi. As mentioned yesterday i would like to share with you recipe on how to make face serum using Pegaga extract.

Pegaga/ gotu kola/ pennywort have been making a comeback in mostly Asian skincare and seriously; after all those studies ive read; i just couldnt wait to make one for myself using this extract.

From the readings and review of the ingredient yesterday; we know that pegaga is great for anti aging, for acne, for wounds (scars from acne, eczema etc) and also for inflammed skin (again eczema psoriosis troubled skins).

So in today;s serum; ive added pegaga for all these people. 

Additionally; ive also added hyaluronic acid because its super moisturizing and for this recipe; it would be perfect for all those people as well. 

Who Should Use This Serum?

  1. People With Acne
  2. People Who Are 27 and above (for anti aging)
  3. People Who Have Sensitive Skin and Inflamed Skin Like eczema etc
  4. People with old scars & wounds.

Who Shouldnt Use This Serum?

  1. Someone who has known allergies to the ingredients
  2. Someone who wants fast results (these are mostly natural ingredients so will take sometime)

Recipe To Make 1kg Serum:

  1. 1kg SoapLab’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum Base 
  2. 50g Liquid Pennywort (Pegaga) extract
  3. 5g Scent of choice (optional)

Video How To Make:

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