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Ingredient Spotlight: Tomato Extract In Cosmetics Formulation


Hi all; for today;s ingredient spotlight; ill be talking about tomato extract.

As you know; we in SoapLab are planning to share more products using Malaysian herbs eversince the pandemic started and i personally have been really amazed at what the herbs has to offer. 

At times; due to marketing we only think those western ingredients are aweosme but we tend to neglect what is available locally and so this year is all about finding Asian herbs and study about it:-)

Of course most of these herbs are not vastly studied but i plan to put whatever information i can find and with the pharmaceutical knowledge that i have; maybe do a hypothesis of what these herbs can do based on the chemical components found in the herbs.

So for tomato. Lets look at the phytochemistry:

Components Found In Tomato Extracts:

  1. Carotenoids
  2. Flavonoids
  3. Vitamins- Vitamin C, A, B,E
  4. Glycoalkaloids

What Does It Do To Skin?


Its antioxidant that will protect skin againts UV rays and scars. The caratenoids are also converted to Vitamin A that works as anti aging as it regenerates the skin faster; leaving skin to have new skin earlier hence causing an anti aging effect.
However; because the skin gerenerates faster; its essential to remove the dead skin (use toner recipe available) to avoid dull skin.


Similarly; flavonoids are also anti oxidants that reduces sun rays and can be used as sunscreen. It protects the skin by absorbing the UV rays and so it also works as natural sunscreen. 
Besides that; flavonoids also encourages wound or scar healing therefore its perfect for people with acne scars or eczema wounds.


Mostly are anti oxidants but they are also really good in lightening skin as well as reducing pigmentation. 


Mostly to reduce cancer like activity which would not be suitable for cosmetics. More studies need to be done in this area to see the efficacy against skin cancer.

What Products Can Be Made Using This Extract?

So generally; based on the findings; tomato extract seems to be perfect for someone who has a more matured skin or skin thats starting to show signs of aging. (Above 27 years old)

Besides that; since it has lots of antioxidative properties; its also suitable for people who have troubled skin like eczema psoriasis; and also acne.

With the abundance of vitamin it has; it may also work to brighten skin. 

However; due to its skin regenerating properties; its best to use AHA together with it to remove dead skin.

What Do I Think?

I personally feel there are many studies been done about using tomato extract on skin and therefore we can easily confirm that it works (based on these studies).

However; this all depends on the quality of the extracts used therefore if you were to use the extracts; make sure you get it from reputable suppliers. 

We in SoapLab had many times where we got extracts that wasnt pure (because we redo the lab test to make sure its pure). So be careful!


Again depends on the suppliers but for those from SoapLab you could use it up to 5%.


We will be coming up with recipes using tomato extract soon! Check out tomorrow’s post where we will be making Brightening Facial Essence using tomato extract!

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