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Free Recipe: Tomato Brightening Essence

 Hi all. Today i would like to share with you our latest recipe using tomato extract.

As ive mentioned yesterday; tomato seems to have a lot of components in it that is perfect for people who has aging skin and so today; we will be making an essence (to be used after toner) thats for aging skin, acne skin, and also lightens pigmentation.

Click here to read more in depth about tomato extract.

Additionally; ive also added niacinamide in this essence because of its brightening effect as well as anti acne effect.

So all in all; this would be a great essence:-)

Who Should Use This?

  1. Someone Who Has Aging Skin (over 27 years old)
  2. Someone with sensitive skin
  3. Someone with acne scars
  4. Someone with pigmentation issue

Who Shouldnt Use This?

  1. Someone who wants fast results
  2. Someone with known allergies to the ingredients


  1. 800g Distilled Water
  2. 200g SoapLab's Hyaluronic Acid Serum Base
  3. 10g Niacinamide (can put up to 40g for more brightening effect)
  4. 20g Glycerin
  5. 5g scent 
  6. 50g Tomato Extract
  7. 5g Germal Plus (preservative)

Video How To Make It:

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