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How To Select Natural Cosmetic Manufacturers In Malaysia


If one thing I’ve learned these past 12 years of doing business is this; selecting your suppliers/ manufacturers are as important as all the other aspect of business (like marketing sales etc). In fact; its probably more important later on when you grow..

Allow me elaborate further.

When i first started my first business; a nailpolish online business; i used to source my product from US. 

Things were fine; i did really well in marketing and generating sales; until one fine day; the supplier closed down due to some financial problem they had; and tada; i suddenly ‘lost’ my business. 

Ok not really as dramatic as loosing it all because eventually i did find another supplier; but they couldn’t supply as much and their pricing wasnt like the previous supplier who was very cheap (now i know why they closed down but that time i didnt understand). 

Besides; it took me half a year to source from the new supplier and leading me to loose out many customers and eventually my business years later.

So ya; i know that it may look like a ‘small’ aspect of business; but trust me when i say this is important.

The guide im giving you in this ebook is not something you could find online coz its written from my personal experience. 

I know you can find many technical details on how to find a manufacturer online 

But this is going to be your business, your life and its probably one of the most life altering decision you will be making.

Your manufacturer is going to be your life long ‘partner’

So choose them wisely.

In this ebook ive written down few of the most important questions ive asked that helped me select my manufacturer and suppliers and i hope it will somehow help you too.

Please dont hesitate to contact us if you need further help..

Good luck



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