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Almond Shower Oil: The Path To Discovering New Ingredients (Part 3)

 Hi good morning guys.

So today i would like to rant:-D

Ok not really rant; its more like aha moment.

Now ive found the formulation that creates a ‘roughly’ same feeling as the loccitane almond shower oil (can click here for part 1 and part 2 for more info on this)

So anyways; the feel is the same; the bubbles are more, the moist feeling is the same; and the scent im using the Skin Safe Almond Fragrance oil from SoapLab thats very similar to the scent of the original shower oil.

The only problem; i cant seem to get the same clarity! I want it as transparent as i can; however its almost impossible with the current surfactant ranges that i have.

The reason for it is coz most of the liquid surfactant that we have are made using water. And so when we add them into all oil formulation; since water and oil cant mix; it tends to get cloudy even after adding so much of solubalizer huhu.

So the one i found thats a water free surfactant is a ingredient that cant be found in Malaysia.

And so; ive ordered it.. hopefully will be here soon so i can continue with this dupe formulation.

So for now; im still waiting...



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