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Setting Up GMP Facility In Malaysia To Notify Handmade Cosmetics; Part 1 (WHY?)


Hi guys..

As you know; ive always wanted to set up a GMP factory for handmade cosmetics in Malaysia and im finally doing it!

After 8 years! Finally

So; the reason why im doing it is coz most of SoapLab’s clients are small business owners who are selling these handmade cosmetics they make themself in small scale.

However; legally, to sell cosmetics in Malaysia; one will need to get it registered (notified) with ministry of health (KKM). 

The issue that most face is that in order to notify; one needs the product to be made in factories that are GMP certified.

So the choices these business owners have is to either build their own facility; which is not cost effective as it could go up to Rm 300k++, or to get a GMP company to make it for them (also not cost effective as need to make in huge bulk + its no more authentic handmade formulation as its made by machines); also there is worry that the product wont be the same as most ‘handmade’ natural cosmetics (cp soaps) cant really be made using factory machines; so fillers will have to be added/ they may need to change formulation to get the factory to do it.

So what happens then? Most of them stay small; unable to expand their business because of this.

For years now ive been trying to figure out a way to help them out. 

I even thought of ‘lobbying’ so that handmade cosmetics/ cosmetics shouldnt need notifictaion as most first world countries dont need their cosmetics to be registered. 

Our Malaysian law for cosmetics was made sometime in 1960’s (some Asean/ EU regulation) that unfortunately was never ammended even after most ASEAN/EU doesnt need their cosmetics to be registered anymore in those countries.

So anyways; that obviously didnt happen; and so i thought; you know what; if we cant beat them; lets join them!

And thats when i got this idea to build this GMP facility for our existing clients.

The concept i have is very similar to AirBnB/ Cloud Kitchen. SoapLab’s client rents the facility to make their products. 

It doesnt matter how many quantity they make, it doesnt matter how many products is made. 

As long as its made in GMP facility; by right; they should be able to notify their product to KKM; and get it registered. 

With this; we hope that they can expand their business; and we ours (perfect symbiosis isnt it?:0)

We are still in the midst of building the facility; but hopefully things will get going soon. Hopefully by end of this year.

For those of you who are SoapLab’s clients; do contact us so that we could add you into a list and we will let you know when the place is ready for you to use.

Ill share the journey of how its built and the problems we are facing in the next post so that you guys can know how is it incase you would like to built one in the future.

Till then; take care and stay safe;


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