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Setting Up GMP Facility For Handmade Cosmetics In Malaysia: The Plan


Hi all, so this is a part 2 of how we are going about setting up our new GMP facility that will be used by our clients and students that makes and have business in handmade cosmetics in Malaysia. If you havent read part 1; please click here.

So today ill start by sharing with you guys the process of building this GMP factory.

So initially; the first thing i did was to incorporate a business.

We couldnt use our existing business; SoapLab Malaysia PLT because of the different nature of business. And so we incorporated another one called; SoapWorks PLT. (Somehow i still love using soap. Even our classes is under SoapSchool :-D)

So anyways; while that was happening (coz it was during MCO, with SSM close for walk in etc; it was a little longer. Usually takes hardly few days) we started looking for a place.

Once place is set; rental tenancy etc was done; we had to submit a proposal on how we were gona set up the GMP facility to National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA). 

This includes the plan; the equipments needed etc.

It took a few weeks back and forth with resubmission few times before we got a green light from NPRA to go ahead with the renovation.

Then next; was the renovation. Its time to get quotation from the contractors.. 

But bam! MCO happened again..

So we had to wait a little longer.

Meanwhile; we were asking for approvals from all the local council, Bomba etc.

Sadly though; 3 months later, local council rejected our proposal. Because the space we wanted to use as a commercial area and not industrial (which i think its not fair coz other local council allowed these small factories to operate in commercial unit provided the unit was far away from restaurants) but ours wasnt approved. 

Now you may ask like why didnt we ask around first before commiting to the space and paying 3 months worth of rental? 

well; yes we did! We even walked into the local council and spoke to few officers there. But when the time came; it was all rejected. Which was strange!

Anyways; coz of that; we had to let go of this existing space; lost the money in those rentals and deposits; lost on the NPRA submission fees, and lost about 5 months of time in this deal; and finally; we have to restart again.

So again it starts; looking for space; resubmiting layout drawings; basically redo everything.

Am i sad? Well not really coz everything happens for a reason isnt it, but yes i am a bit disapointed. If only we got the correct guide from the local council; we could have saved so much of time and money:-(

Oh well, whats done is done.

The good thing is our second premise is all done up; left only audit by NPRA and again local council’s permenant licence.

Lets hope things goes well. Wish us luck:-)

P/s: i hope it goes well. But even if it doesnt; thats not gona stop me looking for another. I really want to set this GMP up so that our customers and students can legalize and grow their business.πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ’ͺ🏼 So lets pray it works out!

Next; ill be talking about the cost to set this up.

Till then; take care and stay safe..


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