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Setting Up GMP Facility That Can Be Rented By Handmade Cosmetic Owners: The Final Stages

Hello everyone.

So its been close to 10 months since we started this hunt for a new GMP facility and finally; its almost coming to the end! (if you havent read our previous post, click here, and here.)

seriously! im so relieved.

One of the reason; coz of the cost. OMG! its already way out of budget in Aug when we completed the few final stages of setting it up; but now the expense has almost doubled than the initial amount we thought we were gonna spend.

It's really like home renovation where you put a certain so called maximum budget but when you actually renovate; it will most definitely go way more because the 'emotional' factor and 'tak apa' attitude kicks in.

But anyways; whats done is done; and now we are rehearsing the final stage before the main audit. 

the Factory is set up, the equipments are purchased, the machines are calibrated, the cleaners are sanitizing and wiping every single dust in the factory (few times), the documents and SOP is finally ready; and at last i can invite NPRA to visit us for the final GMP audit.

So for that; today I'll be applying for Token under our new production company; and we shall go from there.

Its just few more months guys! and this will go live; and you guys can come and make your handmade products there, and get it notified!

There is nothing that can stop you from growing anymore! huahauhuaha (ok not really but this was one of the biggest obstacle for handmade cosmetics owner and i hope it will help you guys!).

will be updating you guys more soon! till then take care and stay safe!

p/S: if you are not making your own handmade cosmetics but are looking for handmade products for reselling; whatsapp us at 0126643817 or contact us here. We have many products that will be registered available as well in small quantity:-) 

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