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Online Class: How To Manage Eczema and Products We Could DIY At Home

Hi.. Ive finally manage to record this class and now its available! heres the info about the class ya: 

This is an Online Class with Prerecorded Video. 

All videos are 20-30mins duration so you could watch it at your own pace.

What Is Maintenence Therapy Product?

Hi, my name is Nisha and im actually a pharmacist and ive been dealing with skin diseases all my working life (since 2007).

Back when i was working in the gov hospital we have many cases of extreme skin problems like eczema and psoriosis and a lot more. .

After yrs of working ive realised that the problem most patient had was that they didnt really know how to manage their disease well. Its actually our mistake as healthcare providers. We are too busy meeting thousands of patients a day that we dont really sit and explain to patients how to use their medications and how to maintain their symptoms well. .

If you have eczema; and you are on steroids and other meds: you dont really need to use the meds all the time! You only need to use it during flare days. And at other times; there are many other alternative!

And this is where my phamacognosy (study of plants in meds) comes into place. You can actually use medicinal plants for maintanence; but since not many companies are selling this; you can now DIY at home!

By using the correct dose and applying it properly; with the help of both modern and traditional medicine; you can easily control you eczema symptoms! 

For this class; Its one of its kind and ive checked: no one in the world is doing it. 

Soaplabmalaysia is the first and thanks to you guys for encouraging me to do this๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

What Does The Course Cover (Theory about 1 1/2 hour Video) 

  1. What eczema is and different stages of eczema
  2. Why does eczema happen
  3. How to prevent eczema from recurring
  4. What kind of adjustment you need to do during flare and non flare times
  5. The do and donts during ‘eczema flare’
  6. Medications usually given as eczema treatment
  7. How to taper down (reduce) eczema treatment
  8. How to use adjuvant maintenence therapy
  9. Extracts use in eczema therapy and when to use what? At which stage
  10. Usage of fragrance and essential oil in eczema
  11. How to make product suitable for babies, toddlers, teenagers & adults 

What Will You Make (Practical Video) 

  1. Make a product that replaces petroleum aquoes cream and suitable for bathing
  2. Make lotion thats suitable for daily use to replace steroid cream
  3. Make butter that ls suitable for replacement of steroid & to be used in aircond area (at night)
  4. Make a oil spray thats used for instant relief.

*you will be provided with recipes to make 4 products thats suitable for body and face. All the products will be made using soaplab’s tested natural base. 

Who is it for?

  1. Those who have family with eczema
  2. Those with no knowledge on how to maintain eczema free days
  3. Those who wants to reduce steroid usage
  4. Those who wants to learn more about making eczema maintenence products

Who is it not for?

  1. Those who wants to start business (this is a basic class. Join our formulation class for busienss)
  2. Those who dont want to make own product (purchase our readymade product) 
  3. Those who wants to learn from scratch (join formulation class as this uses readymade base. Bases are more cost effective for own use) 

Duration of Class:

You will have acess to this online class for 6 months. You can learn at your own pace 

If You Need more info:

Contact us here

After purchasing this course; once payment is received by us; we will send you an email with password and link on how to join the course by next working day.

Once signed it; you are free to change the password.

Purchase Course Now:

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