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Which Ready Made Product To Notify First with KKM?

Good morning! 

Its the first monday of the year and lets do something productive💪🏻

So.. we will probably hear from KKM sometime next week about our GMP status and after that; if we pass (which i think we will😬) we can start registering (notify) all our readymade products.

So with this; all our readymade products can be resold and its registered with Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia + you can export it out too if you wanted. 

Our plan with this readymade range is that you could sell it as is or you could rebrand it. 

Quantity to purchase starts from 10pcs:) you can also buy 1 pcs for sample (available via whtsapp). 

So if you are interested to try it as sample; do whtsapp us:) 

Im now wondering; which one should we notify first? Theres so many product and since its our first time; i would like to try notifying one first.

But which🤔


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