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Our GMP Factory Is Ready! With KKM Notification

hi good morning guys..

firstly i would like to share a good news. Our factory is ready! (p/s: You can rent to make your product in here too!)

we got audited last month and the results it out and so now we are a fully GMP factory for cosmetics production.

What this means is with this; we can already notify all our products with NPRA (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency) in Malaysia (KKM)

How It All Started

So when i started this whole journey in SoapLab; i was determined to make sure that most people in Malaysia have a side income.

Things are getting expensive these days; and based on my experience working as a pharmacist in east Malaysia (where my pay was higher); it still wasn't enough. So i started an online store selling nail polish (you can read about it here).

So anyways' the income from there helped me to finance my wedding and all the things after that. Not my salary (because after lifestyle related purchase, education loan to pay etc; there was hardly left)

what i mean to say is that; that extra Rm 1-2k that i was making (which eventually got to 10-25k/month) was something i started on the side and was still doing it while working my 9-5 job.

Based on that; when i started SoapLab; i wanted to share the same thing with you guys.

I know that buying and selling products from factories can be costly, so thats why I started a raw material shop; selling ingredients to those who wanted to make their own products at home. 

We also have formulation classes for those who wants to start making products that are safe; and finally last year; we launched readymade products that you can purchase as is to resell at minimum quantity.

All these was good; but what if you wanted to grow your business; how to go about it?

Obstacle For Handmade Cosmetic Maker To Grow

The biggest obstacle when it comes to handmade cosmetics makers is that most make it at home; which means its not qualified to be 'registered' with KKM (ministry of health). When this happens; its sort of 'illegal' to sell the cosmetics openly.

Due to this; most of these small companies cant grow and are stuck even though their products are good and safe and probably more effective than whatever you can find in the market.

Its very discouraging and quite sad to see this happening. ive been trying my best to figure out a way around it. With all the friends i have in NPRA ( i worked there when i was still working with government); i tried to look for a loophole. There was none

But what could i do? Im just an ordinary small online raw material store owner. How could i help all my 'students' and clients who have grown with us!

Then I Got The Idea..

And so because of that; few years back i decided to open this factory. We didnt want to take any loan or give away our 'shares' in the company to investors. and so all these; is100% self funded by SoapLab. 

Took us quite a number of years and finally its here! 

So back to the story of how does this help you (sorry i digress)

How Does This Help You?

Well; my plan is this GMP Factory is like an airbnb. You rent it per day; make your product there, and we will help you to register it with KKM.

For the fees; it all depends on how many product you want to make and notify. Whatsapp us at 0126643817 to get a quotation.

So yeap, heres our factory; introducing:

SoapWorks PLT, in USJ 1 Subang Jaya.

You can rent the space, you can make customised products with us (OEM), or you can buy the readymade products that are ready to sell (all notified with KKM). 

i hope you like this place as much as i do. and i really hope it will grow your business for you. 

Lets grow together!! 

p/S; If you are just starting your business; do checkout our online course on how to start natural product business in Malayia. Its FREE! (Click here)

Love; Nisha

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