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Starting Natural Product Business In Malaysia (includes Regulations & 120+ Marketing tips)


Hi all

So this is one project that i wanted to do for a year but couldnt seem to find the ‘time’ to do it🥲

You know with Covid, plus opening of our new GMP Factory; then kids at home full time; after all this every little time that i had; i had use it for my mental well being.

Now that things are getting back to ‘normal’ especially since the kids are going back to school; ive dedicated this whole week and last to do this.

The reason for this course is more for those who wanted to start natural product business in Malaysia.

Its especially for beginers; but if you are someone who already have a business and want to branch out to selling natural cosmetics or natural hair care, or even natural body care and skincare, this is a course for you.

We already have an ebook on how to start business but this time i wanted to record it in video because i dont know; maybe coz i can share more.

And so these videos are all in 15mins long, about 15 topics; all from how one validates a product idea to laws and regulation in Malaysia, registering business entity and which to choose, how to get started with the finances, product development and the choices you have currently in Malaysia, how to price it so its profitable, and finally the biggest chunk of it; the marketing part where i share about offline marketing, online marketing, external and internal marketing, branding and so on..

To enroll into this class; simply click on the cart below.

You will get an email link with information on how to join the course within next working day. (Yes we have to do it manually as its a different site) 

If you have any questions regarding this course; do whatsapp us at 0126643817. 

Thank you and take care:)



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