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The Chemist: Products For Troubled Skin

When i was working in the hospital and dispensing thousands of aquoes cream to patients with Eczema and Psoriosis; i always had this same question;

Can this really clean? Do i really have to use it everydayšŸ˜„ its so sticky lašŸ˜„ and many more..

Aquoes cream is usually presribed as soap alternative to patients with troubled skin and unfortunately; its nothing but liquid parrafin that sort of works like an oil tht seals the skin from harm.

The only problem; it doesnt heal, it doenst clean: so how is someone who sweats; and lives in this humid country with skin problem showers and clean themselfšŸ„² 

Coz of this; many patient defaults the treatment. Simply because its not practical to not ‘shower’ in Malaysia. Within 2 days smelly alreadyšŸ¤¢

So how they use the aquoes cream? They use after shower, like ‘moisturiser’. 

But because it kind of ‘seals’ the skin, all other product they use after that cant seem to penetrate (steroid creams as treatments etc nothing will work coz the aquoes cream already seal the skin) 

And they continue using regular soaps that strips off our natural oils on skin resulting in drier skin.

Its been an issue previously, and it still is. 

When i started my skinpharmacy (before soaplab) one of the ways to make patients get better was to make sure that patients were compliant to skin regime. 

Something that works to reduce eczema and psoriosis, but at the same time doesnt reduce the quality of life of patients (if patients stinking they cant socialize = not compliant) 

And ive always wanted to produce the products even though i dont have Skinpharmacy anymore but somehow after starting soaplab, ive always kept it aside and never did anything..

So now here it is; the chemist series.. 

The products produced under this brand will all be for people with troubled skin. Not scented, just plain old ‘boring’ medication like but not medicated.

Ill be using phytochemistry ( chemistry of herbs) to make medicated products using plants science.

So here it is:

Our very new product line; the Chemist; for troubled skin

For now we have one for people with eczema, another for psoriosis.

Let me know of you want anything else ya:)


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